Sermon: Belonging to God

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Preached on 9th February 2009
by Mr Trevor Nuttall

SAMUEL was loved by his mother, but she knew he was an answer to her prayer and wanted him to belong to God. He was very young, but God spoke to him, and he became a very important prophet who anointed the first two kings in Israel. You are never too young for God to work in your life, and to make himself known to you if you really want to believe in him. (Through Jesus.)

WHY do we want to be on Parade?

I was last on parade 50 years ago. I joined the RAF. Found camaraderie with others in square-bashing camp polishing boots.

Met by DI's with little canes and caps with slashed peaks, shouting at us! Very lonely that first night! I needed someone to care. We became quite good on parade, marching and drilling. And we became very fit.

After OCTU I went to RAF Scampton (Dam-Busters aerodrome). I prayed the Lord's prayer and sometimes went to church.

I was sent to Aden (S Arabia) up in the mountains. Awful tales about how horrid the Arabs were, but it was like stepping into the Bible.

On visits to Aden HQ I went to church, where I learned that Jesus was a real person, who died for some very important reason, which I did not understand. But I read my Bible made Christian friends and prayed seriously - and had prayers answered. Something was still missing; I prayed again: God really answered: Psalm 40 v2, and Ps 103 v1-4. It seemed that Jesus was there next to me! (I did not dare to look.)

I seemed to float 6in above the ground for 2 days.

But God expects us to grow by fellowship and Bible study, and staying close to him in Jesus. As we do he sometimes makes himself known (like a tap on the shoulder to share a chuckle or to prompt us) but he will never force us to do his will.

We will have the joy, the forgiveness, the sense of belonging to him, and assurance in faith. It is the beginning of new life, new faith as a new person with new understanding, and a new FRIEND.

It is not quite so simple, but relying on a God who is always reliable brings a wonderful sense of purpose and security (not in an easy life!) Always with that sense that the Father to whom Jesus introduced me will always be there, and sometimes I know he is.

There are two verses in John 10: 37,38;My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me. I give them eternal life and they shall never perish, no-one can snatch them out of my hand.

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