Sermon: Wednesday 1st July

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Preached on 22nd June 2020
(13th in Ordinary Time)
by Dr Alistair MacDonald

John 5:19-29

The Authority of the Son

19So Jesus answered them, “I am telling you the truth: the Son can do nothing on his own; he does only what he sees his Father doing. What the Father does, the Son also does. 20For the Father loves the Son and shows him all that he himself is doing. He will show him even greater things to do than this, and you will all be amazed. 21Just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, in the same way the Son gives life to those he wants to. 22Nor does the Father himself judge anyone. He has given his Son the full right to judge, 23so that all will honour the Son in the same way as they honour the Father. Whoever does not honour the Son does not honour the Father who sent him.

24“I am telling you the truth: those who hear my words and believe in him who sent me have eternal life. They will not be judged, but have already passed from death to life. 25I am telling you the truth: the time is coming — the time has already come — when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear it will come to life. 26Just as the Father is himself the source of life, in the same way he has made his Son to be the source of life. 27And he has given the Son the right to judge, because he is the Son of Man. 28Do not be surprised at this; the time is coming when all the dead will hear his voice 29and come out of their graves: those who have done good will rise and live, and those who have done evil will rise and be condemned.

Singing the Faith 364

   1      O for a thousand tongues to sing
        my great Redeemer's praise,
        the glories of my God and King,
        the triumphs of his grace!

   2      My gracious Master and my God,
        assist me to proclaim,
        to spread through all the earth abroad
        the honours of your name.

   3      Jesus — the name that charms our fears,
        that bids our sorrows cease;
        'tis music in the sinner's ears,
        'tis life, and health, and peace.

   4      He breaks the power of cancelled sin,
        he sets the prisoner free;
        his blood can make the foulest clean,
        his blood availed for me.

   5      He speaks; and, listening to his voice,
        new life the dead receive;
        the mournful, broken hearts rejoice;
        the humble poor believe.

   6      See all your sins on Jesus laid:
        the Lamb of God was slain;
        his soul was once an offering made
        that all may heaven gain.

   7      In Christ, our Head, you then shall know,
        shall feel, your sins forgiven,
        anticipate your heaven below,
        and own that love is heaven.

Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

Reproduced from Singing the Faith Electronic Words Edition, number 364 .

Psalm 26

The Prayer of a Good Person

1Declare me innocent, O LORD,

because I do what is right

and trust you completely.

2Examine me and test me, LORD;

judge my desires and thoughts.

3Your constant love is my guide;

your faithfulness always leads me.

4I do not keep company with worthless people;

I have nothing to do with hypocrites.

5I hate the company of the evil

and avoid the wicked.

6LORD, I wash my hands to show that I am innocent

and march in worship round your altar.

7I sing a hymn of thanksgiving

and tell of all your wonderful deeds.

8I love the house where you live, O LORD,

the place where your glory dwells.

9Do not destroy me with the sinners;

spare me from the fate of murderers —

10those who do evil all the time

and are always ready to take bribes.

11As for me, I do what is right;

be merciful to me and save me!

12I am safe from all dangers;

in the assembly of his people I praise the LORD.

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