Pray Without Ceasing

September 16th

This week please pray:

  • For all those affected by extreme weather events, thinking particularly this week of the people of the Philippines and southern China dealing with Typhoon Mangkhut and the people of the United States affected by Hurricane Florence.
  • For the United Nations General Assembly opening on Tuesday, and for its secretary General, António Guterres. Give thanks for its work throughout the world since 1945 trying to support international peace and security.  Pray for all those who work for its many different specialised agencies, working with refugees, children, women, trying to promote health, literacy, food supplies, reduction of poverty, environmental responsibility - amongst others .(
  • For the south East Northumberland Ecumenical Area, thinking particularly this week of worship groups within the Area’s church families, working together to lead Local Arrangement services.  Give thanks for the differing talents within our congregations which come together in these services.
  • For emotional healing for all the Rohingya people who have fled Myanmar and are now living in Bangladeshi camps. Give thanks for the work of organisations such as TearFund and the COAST Trust and the impact they are having on the health and wellbeing of many vulnerable families.
  • For all those groups and organisations whose work depends on the goodwill of volunteers.  Pray that more volunteers - increasingly hard to find in a busy and aging population - may be called to offer their time and talents.  Give thanks for the work of those who do offer their help, either on a ‘one off’ basis, or as a regular commitment., running clubs and our uniformed groups, coaching children in sports, working in charity shops, providing admin or premises for organisations, baking cakes and making jam, knitting … an almost endless list of gifts.

September 9th

This week please pray:

  • For all those who work with our young people, thinking especially on this Education Sunday of teachers in our local schools: KEVI High School, Newminster and Chantry Middle Schools, and our first schools - Abbeyfields, All Saints, Morpeth First (Goosehill), Stobhillgate, St Robert's RC. Pray too for those working in early years education thinking particularly of the Sunshine Pre-School who meet on our premises.
  • For the people of Japan which has been hit by an earthquake on top of the problems caused by the most powerful typhoon for 25 years.  Pray for the rescue workers trying to find the missing in very poor conditions and those who have lost their homes.
  • For negotiators both in the UK and Europe trying to find a way through the chaos that is Brexit.  Pray for good will and common sense on both sides and a desire for a workable solution which protects the peace in Northern Ireland.  Pray for Europeans living in the UK and for UK citizens living in Europe all of whom are uncertain what the future may bring.
  • For the invisible people living amongst us, those isolated by ill health be it physical or mental, elderly people living alone and housebound, the friendless, the disabled, the homeless, single parents struggling to make ends meet, those whose first language is not English who find it hard to understand and be understood, those who find our culture difficult to live within, those who cannot love themselves and so can’t believe that anyone else could care about them.  Pray that we may find a way to show them the love of Christ by loving them ourselves.
  • For all those for whom the tenth anniversary of the floods in Morpeth brings back difficult memories giving thanks for the community spirit which brought the town through that time, and all those who gave time and effort to help those who had been affected.

September 2nd

This week please pray:

  • At the start of the new Connexional year, pray for all those for whom September brings ‘new beginnings’:
    for children and young people who are changing schools or moving on to colleges and universities;
    for parents facing the future as ‘empty nesters’;
    for those who, newly retired, are working out a new plan for the days ahead and wondering what their purpose is
    for ministers and their families taking up new appointments, thinking particularly of Revd Una McLean, coming into the area, and Revds Lynda Coulthard and Marie Attwood, and Deacon Joy Sykes taking up new roles within SENEA
  • For all those within our church family with worries about their health or that of members of their families, thinking particularly of those awaiting the results of tests or facing surgery
  • For the homeless for whom the shortening days and falling temperatures make life even more precarious than during the summer giving thanks for organisations, such as Shelter, which try to help them
  • As the true death toll from Hurricane Maria emerges - nearly 3,000 lives lost, pray for the people of Puerto Rico still trying to rebuild their lives and their country. 
  • Giving thanks for the abundance of nature which we see around us, for berries shining on bramble bushes and rowan trees, for wheat being harvested in the fields, for gluts of runner beans and marrows in our gardens and allotments, for plums and apples and pears and conkers ripening in front of our eyes.

August 26th

Dear Father,

  • We pray as your children that you will provide comfort and strength to all those young people who have recently received important exam results and have found disappointment in them.  We all know the pain of disappointment, and that is especially hard for those who have been working hard and have been planning a future that now might be different from what they were hoping.  Help them to hold on to their dreams and to look for different ways of seeing the way forward and to know that there are many good experiences to look forward to, whether those are studies of a different nature or the prospects of employment ahead.
  • Father, we thank you that so many have achieved the success for which they have worked and were hoping, and that with bright, excited hearts they will look forward to the coming weeks with confidence.  Allay the anxieties of parents who, though proud of their achievements, are concerned that their children will soon be leaving home for new experiences, different accommodation, new studies, new influences.  Lord, we know that generations of parents and children have undergone these situations, but each one is special and we pray that you will uphold and calm them with your presence in their lives and hearts.
  • Many young people are also looking forward to joining the workforce, facing the many new challenges that this will bring.   Help them to learn the skills needed to be a conscientious, valued employee and we pray that they have sympathetic support from those who are leading or training them, and do this with understanding and integrity.
  • Education is a priceless gift that so many children and young people have no easy access to.  We think of the wretched and dangerous conditions endured by war or disaster victims and pray that those who strive to teach in dreadful circumstances are supported and strengthened and that leaders recognise and acknowledge the needs of these children to lead them to a better future.

August 19th

This week:

  • We pray for those affected by the tragic bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy this week.  Our thoughts go to the relatives and friends of those killed or injured. We are reminded that we are mortal and do not know what may happen in the future, but to live in Faith and good hope while we are able.
  • We pray for those receiving their ‘A’ level results this week. Both those who have done well and those who have failed to meet the expectations of either themselves or the imposed expectations of others. We wish them well in whatever the future holds, either by chance or design.
  • We pray for those who seek asylum from oppressive regimes. We feel for them as they tell us stories of torture, violence, and discrimination. We hope that isolated acts by a small minority of asylum seekers or refugees does not harden the hearts of people in this country towards the majority of peace seeking refugees.
  • We give thanks for the rain that has arrived after the long dry spell, a relief to farmers and gardeners alike. We give thanks for the harvest and do not take it for granted that we are able to enjoy good food. We remember in our prayers parts of the world where drought is a much bigger problem and supplies of food cannot be guaranteed. Christian, Moslem, Hindu, we pray for them all in their time of need.
  • We think of the Methodist and URC churches in SENEA and pray for their ministers and congregations. We hope that the ability to adapt to changing times and a willingness to change to meet new challenges will carry the churches forward.

August 12th

This week please pray:

  • For the many people affected by the recent earthquake in Indonesia, those who have lost loved ones or homes.  Give thanks for the efforts of rescue workers.
  • Giving thanks for creative people who bring light into our lives - for musicians (whether classical, jazz, pop, rock or folk), poets, painters, sculptors, authors. Think particularly of all those performing at this year’s prom season bringing some of the world’s greatest music to a wider still and wider audience.
  • For all those who work in our emergency services: fire fighters, police, ambulance drivers and paramedics, coastguards, mountain rescue volunteers, lifeboat volunteers, not forgetting those who staff the 999 emergency lines.  Give thanks for their skills, dedication and courage.
  • For stability and peace in the middle east thinking particularly of the people of Iran as new sanctions imposed by the United States cause further difficulties for a country already struggling with its economy.  Pray that a solution can be found to allow America to replace or re-join the Iran Nuclear Deal before hardship caused to ordinary people reaches a level where the country becomes unstable
  • For those within our church family struggling with illness or disability or loneliness.
  • With thanksgiving for the opportunity the summer holidays give for families to spend time together having fun at home or abroad, whether that time is used to go out and see sights, visit interesting places, play on the beach or just to relax.  Pray too for those for whom the holidays bring additional hardship as free school meals are lost for six weeks, giving thanks for those who run or  donate to food banks across the country.

August 5th

This week please pray:

  • For peace in this world as we remember those who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (service 8.oo am on Monday 6th in the Peace Garden by the Chantry). Pray that all countries and leaders come to realise that there can be no good reason for the use of nuclear weapons.
  • With thanksgiving for rain bringing water to plants and animals and rivers that have been suffering in the recent hot weather, and for the excitement and awe inspired by the thunder and lightening which accompanied its arrival.
  • For all those who have been affected by wild fires across many parts of the globe: in California, Athens, Manchester, Lapland, Portugal, Australia, remembering those who have died and their families, as well as those who have lost their homes. Give thanks for firefighters and rescue workers trying to stop the spread of the flames and for those who are trying to help the survivors.
  • For tolerance and understanding of those who may think differently from us, even of those whose views we may find offensive, remembering that freedom of speech is not simply freedom to hold uncontroversial opinions but saying with Beatrice Hall that “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”
  • For the work of SENEA, thinking particularly this week of the church families in Amble, Hauxley, Widdrington, and North Broomhill with their minister, Lynda Coulthard.

July 29th

Almighty Father,

  • There are many things in our hearts and minds at this time; so many concerns that we feel, at home and in other areas of the world.  We pray that you will hear the prayers of your people with your loving compassion.
  • We pray that all those who are on holiday just now will travel safely and enjoy their time of relaxation, change of scene and a lessening of the usual responsibilities of the workplace , a time of sharing these special times with loved ones, building good and happy memories.
  • We pray for those who are not able to have any kind of a holiday, through illness, disability or financial restraints.  Life is hard for many in our community and we ask that those who seek to improve lives are supported and encouraged in the work that they do.
  • We are so glad that the refugees, having fled from persecution in their homelands found warmth and happiness in their recent visit to Morpeth Picnic in the Park, an opportunity to feel safe and normal after their dreadful ordeals.
  • This current weather is so unusual and is being enjoyed by many, but farmers and others working on the land to produce our food, are worried and uncertain about the effect these conditions are causing.  We pray that the balance of the weather may soon return to normal so that livelihoods are not devastated and hardships caused.
  • We know that in many parts of the world droughts are frequent, causing suffering to fragile communities.  We pray that the part that nations play in causing these extreme conditions will be truly acknowledged and suitable policies enforced to halt this global warming.
  • Lord of all, we think today of world leaders, of politicians and governments, people who take difficult decisions, large or small that will shape the lives and futures of others.
    Guide their deliberations and grant them wisdom, vision and integrity in all they do.

July 22nd

This week:

  • We pray for those living in the economically deprived areas of the United Kingdom as research confirms that living in these areas is directly linked to a reduced life expectancy. The mortality rate is three times higher in the most deprived parts of the country compared to the most affluent. We pray that the Government will have the time, resolve and strength to focus on domestic issues, as Brexit appears to be all consuming of Government time.
  • We pray for the people of Israel as their Parliament passes a ‘Jewish nation state law.’ We pray for the Arab people of Israel, who comprise 20% of the population and feel threatened by this and that peace will prevail.
  • We pray for a changing ecology in the world. In the United Kingdom new species of shark are entering UK waters as sea temperatures rise. However the global shark population is declining as sharks are fished as a food source. We continue to pray that the human population of over 7 billion can manage to balance its effect on the earth, balancing economic and technological activity with the limits of global resources, and balancing the needs of the many against the greed of the few.
  • We pray for the Christian church in this country. Patterns of church going are changing. Traditional denominations such as Methodism are attended by fewer people than formerly, but new less traditional forms of churches are opening. What does the Methodist church represent that is different? What are the goals of the Methodist church? What does Jesus wish for the future of the church? As a Christian body we have faith that the church will continue, but recognise and appreciate that the future will be different to the present. We pray that as Christian people we will have faith to change where necessary, to continue in hope, and have no fear for the future as we have Jesus by our side.

July 15th

This week please pray:

  • With thanksgiving for the safe rescue of all 12 boys and their coach from caves in Thailand.  Think particularly of the family of Saman Kunan who died taking air to the trapped team.
  • For the work of churches within SENEA thinking particularly this week of the church families at Bedlington Trinity and Blyth URC and their minister, Revd Greg Thompson.
  • For the people of Salisbury following the poisoning of Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley, thinking particularly of the other residents of John Baker House, the hostel for the homeless which was evacuated following the events.  Pray that those investigating may soon find the source of the poison and be able to reassure all those who are worried about their safety.
  • For the people of Japan coping with appalling floods, and landslides with more than 8 million being told to leave their homes, thinking especially of the people of Okayama, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi who have been worst hit. Pray too for those who are trying to help the victims.
  • Giving thanks for the dedication and courage over the past 100 years of the men and women of the RAF,  helping to keep us safe and supporting our ground troops abroad.
  • For the ‘Growing leaders’ course taster session this afternoon and for all those wondering whether it might be for them.  Give thanks for all those who answer:
    “Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?
    I have heard you calling in the night
    I will go, Lord, if you lead me
    I will hold your people in my heart “

(StF 663, Daniel L Scutte)

July 8th

This week please pray:

  • For all those working to rescue the 12 children and their coach trapped in caves in Thailand.  Give thanks for their safety so far and pray that rescuers will find a way to bring them out sooner rather than later.
  • As our heatwave continues and more areas are forced to introduce hosepipe bans, give thanks for the fresh water which comes out of our taps.  Pray that, as we moan about the, relatively minor, restrictions we face as we are asked to reduce our use, we remember the millions of people who walk many miles daily to gather unsafe water.  Give thanks for the work of WaterAid ( working to bring clean water to people in more than 30 countries across the world.
  • For our previous minister, Revd Gary Ridley, whose churches at Greenfield, Delph and Uppermill are very close to the Manchester hill fires.
  • For the community of people on the island of Bute following the death this week of Alesha MacPhail, thinking particularly of her family and friends. Pray, too, for the teenager arrested on suspicion of her murder and for his family.
  • As the NHS turns 70 this week (5th July), give thanks for the doctors, nurses, health care assistants, cleaners, porters, therapists, radiographers, caterers, admin staff, chaplaincy workers, maintenance staff, ambulance drivers, paramedics, shop assistants, “Friends” organizations, and volunteers who work together to deliver the ‘cradle to grave’ vision of those who instigated its creation.
  • For the new president of the Methodist Conference, Revd Michaela Youngson, giving thanks for the radical grace of God which, as Revd Youngson said in her address, “goes beyond what is only fair to a prodigious and reckless generosity…..which flows from the lover’s desire to see the beloved flourish, to be whole and to live in delight”.

July 1st

This week please pray:

  • For all those affected by the fire devastating huge tracts of moorland near Manchester: those who fear for their health and their homes, especially those who have been evacuated.  Give thanks for the courage and dedication of the firefighters and soldiers working to control the  fire.
  • With thanksgiving for all those who have trodden the Christian path before us over 2000 years, remembering that human nature (as shown in the very old, anonymous prayer below), like the faithfulness of God, does not change.

Give me a good digestion, Lord,

And also something to digest,

Give me a healthy body, Lord,

With sense to keep it at its best.

Give me a healthy mind O Lord,

To keep the good and pure in sight,

Which, seeing wrong is not appalled

But finds a way to set it right.

Give me a mind that is not bored,

That does not whimper, whine or sigh.

Don't let me worry overmuch

About that fussy thing called ‘I’.

Give me a sense of humour, Lord,

Give me the grace to see a joke,

To get some happiness from life

And pass it on to other folk.






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