Pray Without Ceasing

February 3rd

This week please pray

  • For all those involved in the Brexit negotiations, government and opposition parties, as well as our friends in Europe.  Pray too, for those who are worried about their businesses, or about their right to stay and work in the UK, as the country faces a most uncertain future.
  • As climate change makes extreme weather events more common, pray for all those who suffer their effects, thinking particularly this week of all those affected by the astonishingly cold weather produced in America by the polar vortex.  Think particularly of those without shelter or unable to afford to heat their homes adequately.  Pray too for emergency workers trying to keep people safe in these very dangerous conditions.
  • For the people of Venezuela as the political and economic situation there becomes ever more critical.  Pray that a peaceful, just solution may be found to the uncertainty there before there is any more violence.
  • For the work of Christians Against Poverty which provides a lifeline to people struggling with debt and poverty throughout the UK. (  Give thanks for those who work for and with the organisation.
  • With thanksgiving for all those who work in our hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies, remembering admin and those working in housekeeping and catering areas as well as medical and therapy staff.
  • For all those known to us who are in need through illness, bereavement, employment worries or family difficulties, that they may know that God is with them, in the midst of their troubles.  Teach us to recognise what we can do to be God’s hands on earth to help our neighbours.

January 20th

Lord God,

We thank – you for your unfailing love, support & guidance through your Holy Spirit, you bring us together as members of your Church Family in Worship &Praise

At the beginning of this week of Prayer for Christian Unity we thank-you for your church worldwide.  Although we differ in some of our traditions & practises, we are united in our belief in Jesus Christ our Lord.

We pray for  your faithful people of  different countries & races who seek to serve you in whatever circumstances they find themselves.  We think particularly of Coptic Christians in Egypt who suffer from persecution & violence, and pray that you will give them courage & strength to survive the hardship of these times

In our local situation help us to work together in different ways to bring your love and compassion to our communities.  Help us to find an understanding of each other and a willingness to work together in our South Northumberland. Ecumenical Area. Thank-you for the witness of your people in Seghill & Trinity Church Bedlington

We pray for those in authority who make decisions which affect us all grappling with extremely complex issues, thinking especially at this time of Politicians , Councillors, others in public life, give them wisdom to make the right choices, and not be overcome with selfishness and pride.

We pray for those who have been victims of tragedy, those caught up in the gas blast last weekend in Paris and those effected by the Avalanches in the Austrian alps due to extreme weather conditions.  We pray particularly for families who have lost loved ones. Lord give them your strength and comfort

We pray for Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe, the British/Iranian lady accused of spying in Iran, whose family are devastated that she remains in prison and is resorting to hunger strike in desperation. We pray that a way may be found to help this family

We think of those we know who are ill or housebound, lonely or depressed, those who find this time of year dismal and difficult.  Lord, as we seek to serve you day by day help us to bring your hope and joy to others

January 13th

This week, please pray

  • For the Stationing Committee matching group as it continues to serve the missional and pastoral ministries of  presbyters and circuits across the Connexion.  Give thanks for all those who are willing to move themselves and their families to minister to our church families and follow where God leads them.
  • For politicians of all parties and opinions as they strive to find a way forward through the Brexit process, thinking particularly of the crucial vote on Tuesday.  Pray that those involved my think more of the future of our country and its friends than of their own positions, prejudices and ambitions.
  • For the people of Yemen suffering in their ongoing civil war.  Pray particularly for the endurance of the fragile ceasefire around the port of Hudaydah allowing desperately needed aid to come in to the country.
  • For all those starting this new year without employment, or with the worry of redundancy over their heads.  Think particularly of workers at Jaguar land Rover and at Ford facing an uncertain future.  Pray too for those who, whilst in work, are on limited hours or low wages and who struggle to make ends meet.
  • For all those who mourn, thinking particularly of the Matthews family following Alan’s funeral on Friday.
  • For those whom we know who are unwell, waiting or recovering from surgery, or awaiting the results of tests.  Give thanks that David Brough is home and recovering and pray too for Jenny, the leader of one of the children’s groups which meet here every week, who is seriously ill in hospital
  • With thanksgiving for the grace of God which always allows us to make a new beginning, however much we have messed up and for our Covenant service which enables us to renew our journey with him and redouble our commitment to follow him.

January 6th 2019

We thank you, Lord God, for this time of year when we sang those tuneful carols with families and friends, for giving and receiving those special presents, so lovingly thought about, and for all the ways of saying “Christ is born”.  May Christ be among us as real, as close, as warm, as at that first Christmas: with Mary, may we open our hearts and lives to the prompting of God.  Save us from a faith so shallow that, like our coloured lights and Christmas tree, we put it away fro yet another year.

The wise men had the wisdom to follow a star which led them to Christ.  We pray that the rulers of the world may work and struggle together for the good of humankind.

The wise men had the wisdom that revealed the glory of God.  We pray that the rulers of the world may have a vision of goodness and truth, and strenuously seek the best for all their people.

In our prayers we bring before you, the three people who were attacked over the weekend in Victoria Station, Manchester, and are suffering from serious injury.  We pray for all the victims of the growing threat of knife crime in our cities, that the authorities may find a way to deal effectively with it.

We pray for the family of Alan Matthews who died on Boxing Day.  We remember Jean, Colin, Diana and Bethany.  Give them, O Lord, strength and comfort at this very sad time.

We pray for all families who have known sadness over the holiday period through serious illness, times of anxiety and worry.  Let them know and experience your loving care.  For those who care for them, give them the courage and ability to cope with the extra demands made upon them.

We remember the different churches in the Ecumenical Area.  They need our prayers and support.  This week, we pray for Ashington and Stakeford and we thank them for their witness and faithfulness.

December 2nd

This week please pray for all those who wait:

  • For soon to be mothers and fathers, big brothers and big sisters, asking God to bless them and the new person soon to enter their family, and to give them the love and wisdom they will need to help that person grow.
  • For prisoners for whom the end of their sentence looks far away.  Pray that God will help them know that, whatever crimes they have committed, he loves them. Pray that each of them may learn that, while society may be slow in giving them a fresh start, God is always ready to forgive someone who truly repents.
  • For refugees waiting to find out whether safety and welcome await them in a new country, fearful of being rejected and untrusted.  Pray that God will comfort them and give to us the generosity and courage to recognise his likeness in their faces.
  • For those who wait for the results of medical tests, fearful of the news they may receive.  Pray that God will give them strength to face whatever comes, knowing that, however bad news may be, he will be with them always.
  • For those who wait for news of someone who has gone missing - about 180,000 each year - not knowing whether that person is safe.  Pray for those who have felt they had no alternative but to disappear.  Give thanks for organisations such as the Salvation Army and Missing People which try to reunite people, where possible, or at least bring news, to families who are so worried.
  • For those waiting for peace but living with conflict thinking of the people of Yemen, Syria, Palestine.  Pray for all those trying to find solutions to the problems besetting them.
  • For all of us, waiting for the coming of Christ this Advent that we learn that “For outlandish creatures like us, on our way to a heart, a brain, and courage, Bethlehem is not the end of our journey but only the beginning - not home but the place through which we must pass if ever we are to reach home at last.”   Frederick Buechner






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