Pray Without Ceasing

August 18th

Dear Father,

We pray as your children that you will provide comfort and strength to all those young people who have recently received important exam results and have found disappointment in them.  We all know the pain of disappointment, and that is especially hard for those who have been working hard and have been planning a future that now might be different from what they were hoping.  Help them to hold on to their dreams and to look for different ways of seeing the way forward and to know that there are many good experiences to look forward to, whether those are studies of a different nature or the prospects of employment ahead.

Father, we thank you that so many have achieved the success for which they have worked and were hoping, and that with bright, excited hearts they will look forward to the coming weeks with confidence.  Allay the anxieties of parents who, though proud of their achievements, are concerned that their children will soon be leaving home for new experiences, different accommodation, new studies, new influences.  Lord, we know that generations of parents and children have undergone these situations, but each one is special and we pray that you will uphold and calm them with your presence in their lives and hearts.

Many young people are also looking forward to joining the workforce, facing the many new challenges that this will bring.   Help them to learn the skills needed to be a conscientious, valued employee and we pray that they have sympathetic support from those who are leading or training them, and do this with understanding and integrity.

Education is a priceless gift that so many children and young people have no easy access to.  We think of the wretched and dangerous conditions endured by war or disaster victims and pray that those who strive to teach in dreadful circumstances are supported and strengthened and that leaders recognise and acknowledge the needs of these children to lead them to a better future.


August 11th

This week please pray

  • For all those who have been affected by extreme weather conditions this week, thinking particularly of the residents of North Yorkshire and of Whaley Bridge. Give thanks for the efforts of the engineers, police, army, and emergency services who have been working to keep them safe, and also for all the friends, relatives and good neighbours who took people in.
  • For all those young people who will be receiving their A level results this week, thinking particularly of our friends up the road at KEVI.  Pray that, whether results are good or bad, they will have the love and support of their families and teachers as they make plans for the future - be that further education or work.
  • For the teenager, Nora Quoirin, missing in Malaysia.  Pray that she will be found safe and pray for her family as they wait desperately for news. Pray too for other families who are frantic because they don’t know where their children are.
  • For farmers, fishermen and manufacturers trying to prepare for the future after Brexit without any clear idea of what that will bring.  Pray for an end to brinksmanship, from whatever group, and for some goodwill and common sense to prevail
  • With thanksgiving for the joy of spending time with  our families and friends, at home or away, savouring each day that God has given us with wonder at the beauty of creation, and the depth of love we share with each other, and which we receive from him.

August 4th

There is a time for work, and a time for rest.

This is a time to pray, and a time to worship God, to come together. This is our time to listen to what God is saying to us, so that we may work for Him and enjoy the life He gives us Let us pray for humankind, as people work to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Let us pray for those who, no matter how hard they work, have too little to live on.  We pray for those who have no work, who feel deprived and so little to hope for. We pray for those who have retired, who seek a new direction for their lives. We pray for those who are just starting work, full of excitement and apprehension.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, the carpenter, teacher, healer who is Lord of all. We thank you Lord for the beauty of the earth, for the fellowship we find in the Church in Morpeth, for the people we meet, the atmosphere within our fellowship, the services in which we share. Lord, we pray that, not only by the words we speak, but by the lives we share, we may spread the Gospel of Christ and win others to Him

Gracious Lord, as we try to understand the implications of your will for us, living in your kingdom, so dismiss us with your blessing. Send us out into the community renewed in faith. Uphold us in love and help us to share your love with those we meet and let us live with your blessing.

We ask these prayers in the precious name of Jesus.


July 28th

Our prayers this week are expressed in a traditional Celtic manner of encirclement:

Circle us Lord,

Circle our Church with the light of the gospel.

May we understand more of our faith and why we believe it.

May we understand more of our doubt and not be too hard on it.

May we commit ourselves to following you in the small details of our lives; in this particular fellowship and at this particular time.

Circle us, Lord.

Circle our nation with the values of the gospel.

Give to our national institutions – Government, the law, the health service, those in education – give them the values of justice, fair representation, concern for the weak, equal opportunities for all.

And may the sheer generosity of your presence fire our national life with the hope and encouragement we so desperately need.

Circle us, Lord.  Keep hope within, keep despair out……

Circle us, Lord.

Circle our family and friends with the love of the gospel.

Keep them in peace and security.  Guard those of our loved ones who are vulnerable; strengthen those who are struggling; encourage those who are on the brink of something new.

We name these, our special people in our hearts now….

May the deep peace of the Prince of Peace keep them all.

Circle them, Lord.  Keep peace within, keep danger out…..

Circle us, Lord.

Circle the sick and bereaved in your healing presence.

There are some we know who are simply not well; some who are fearful and in pain; some who are on their last journey.

Circle them, Lord.  Our hearts, our homes, our Church, our nation, our world. Circle us and let us never slip outside the enchantment of your grace.    Amen.

July 21st

Lord God,

At the beginning of the long School holiday, we thank you for the opportunities to travel to amazing parts of the world. To learn about other countries & the way of life each community enjoys.

Also, the chance for families to spend some leisure time together, away from the often frantic pace of life at home, where there seems to be so little time to listen to each other to discover the concerns of those nearest to us. Help us Lord to use this valuable time to enjoy each other’s company, so that our relationships are stronger.

Lord, there are some people who find it hard to cope as they have problems of child care during the weeks when parents have to work. We thank you for the Summer camps and organisations which provide facilities and meals for young people.

We pray for families who have to rely on food banks to provide basic sustenance which we take for granted.

It must cause parents great anxiety, when they are unable to provide for the needs of their dependents & have to look to charitable organisations for provisions.

We pray for those young people who are waiting for the results of their GCSE and A level exams, which are so important in deciding which course to follow, on which the decisions of their future careers depend. Lord give them patience to wait for the results of their hard work over the coming weeks. Help them not to be too anxious during this time.

This week Lord we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first Moon Landings when Neil Armstrong &  Buzz Aldrin were the first men to set foot on the moon. We have been reminded again of the wonder & amazement of such an achievement. We were also reminded of the vastness of your universe and the grandeur of the heavens.

We praise and thank-you Lord that we can know your presence within us and around us in the person of your Holy Spirit keep us Lord on the right track as we seek to show your love and care to those who share our lives.

Lord, in your mercy—hear our prayer

July 14th

This week, please pray

  • For diplomats of all countries as they strive to maintain and improve friendly relationships between countries, sometimes under very difficult circumstances.
  • As we hear news of worsening relations between Iran and many other countries, particularly the UK and the US, and of their growing nuclear programme, pray for peace and sanity in the world, and for a diplomatic solution to the problem.
  • For the people of Hong Kong, their leaders and the leaders of the Chinese government, that a peaceful solution can be found to the growing unrest on that island.
  • For those we know who are unwell, awaiting treatment, or recovering from illness.  Think particularly of Seana Sommerville, Celia Towers, Judith Quenet, Paul Crook.  Give thanks for the excellent recovery being made by Paul Leach who expects to be back with us very soon.
  • As both our main political parties continue to tear themselves apart over Brexit, and as members of the Conservative party vote for a new leader and prime minister, pray for all those involved in governing this country. Pray that kindness, compassion, common sense, honesty, and a desire for the good of all our citizens and the country as a whole will prevail over the anger, pettiness, stubbornness and personal ambition currently being displayed in many quarters.
  • Pray for the work of SENEA and particularly this week for the Revd Marie Attwood and the church family at Ashington Trinity, of Revd Una McLean and the church family at Bedlington Colliery, and of Revd Ann Shepherdson as she takes her sabbatical.

July 7th

We praise you O God, and give thanks that you have called us together in this fellowship and given us your name as Christ’s People to witness that your love embraces all people.

We thank you for those who seek your loving nature in their homes, in their service to the community and in daily lives, in factories, in offices in schools, and in hospitals.

We also pray for those within our fellowship in this church, in worship where we can share our talents, of making music, in singing, in reading and praying, in witnessing, in support of each other and welcoming the stranger, encouraging those who are in distress and especially those who are bereaved.

Lord forgive us as we forgive others.

Help us never to be embittered but always to strive for the best and to see the best in others. May your Holy Spirit fill our lives with the love of Jesus.

Lord,  take our lives and renew us,

Take our worship and make it vital

Take our service and bring it alive with your love Blow Spirit like the wind and make all things new.

You have taught us to faithfully read your Word ( the Holy Bible) that we may faithfully tread in the steps of Jesus.

Once again , O Lord, we are appalled at the tragedy of a young pregnant woman and the death of her premature child. We are concerned that knife crime, particular in the London Area is so prevalent in our modern society. We pray for the family having to deal with the consequences of this horrendous act. Our hearts reach out to them as they come to terms with this tragedy.

Lord God, in coming to us and drawing us into the fellowship of your people, you give us a task to fulfil, a message to fulfil and a love to share.

Lord God surprise us by  answering our prayers.

Go in peace, Walk the new way. Live the new life. And be prepared for God’s surprises.

June 30th

Almighty God, heavenly Father, we pray today for healing in our lands:

For your Church throughout the world, for those who suffer for their beliefs, who remain faithful and loving in spite of persecution and hate, who still manage to preach, hear and spread your word, supporting the communities in which they live.

For healing of those whom we know, our own people, friends and family, many of whom are sick, awaiting treatments or test results or who have private anxieties and worries to face.  Lord, comfort, help and sustain them; give them courage to face what is ahead and give those around wisdom and kindness to understand and support where they can.

For healing of those who are sick in mind or spirit.  It seems that these needs and conditions are growing, sadly and particularly in young people, but there are many in society who needs go unrecognised.  We pray that proper, well-funded hospital units and agencies will receive the financial input that is required to provide for those needs.

For healing of the rifts and divisions in our towns and cities; for a restoring of the bonds of neighbourhood and community spirit that have been so affected by recent events.

We have so many factors in common, there is so much kindness and goodwill in most people, we pray that we do not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the negative matters in our lives, in our news. Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’.  We pray that we may be peacemakers.

Soon we shall be meeting for the annual General Church Meeting.  Already a booklet has been prepared to summarise many of the good things that are already happening with our Church.  We give thanks and appreciation to all who have contributed to this in any way, and know that there are many others, not specifically mentioned here who contribute to the life of our Church.  We pray that the work and mission of MMC will continue to flourish and to move forward with your loving guidance, listening to Your Word.


June 23rd

Lord God, In our world today, there are so many things which cause us anxiety, that we sometimes wonder what the future holds.

We are encouraged by the Old Testament story of Elijah in 1st Kings Chapter 19 —when he felt alone & desolate, when all seemed to go against him.

We can say with Elijah - We cannot hear you in the wind or the earthquake or the fire, but we hear you in the Still Small Voice - Come and speak to us now.

We thank you Lord that you never fail us in all our experiences of life, help us to be aware of your presence.

We think of those members of our church family who are ill, we pray for those who care for them at home or in hospital that they will be strengthened by the loving care of your people.

We pray for those households in Lincolnshire who have experienced severe flooding of their home & neighbourhood, who have lost everything and face months of discomfort before they can return to normality again.

We pray for those living in high rise flats with the same dangerous cladding present in the Grenfell Tower block, worried that they are not secure in their own homes because Sprinklers have not been fitted in their buildings. We pray that those in authority will listen to their concerns, so that action can be taken to relieve their fears.

We pray for those already suffering from the condition of Haemophilia, who were given contaminated blood which resulted in them becoming H I V positive.

We pray also for the lady who was run over by a motorcycle escorting members of the Royal Family.

Saturday 22nd June is Windrush Generation Day when people were encouraged to emigrate to this country. We pray for those who were returned to their country of origin because of misunderstandings by Home Office staff.

We thank you for the work of our Ecumenical Area thinking particularly of Blyth Central church.

Lord in your mercy—-hear our Prayer

June 16th

  • With thanksgiving for fathers everywhere.  Pray that, in a difficult world, they have strength and wisdom to love and care for their families.  Pray for children who have lost their fathers and for fathers who have lost their children, thinking particularly of those for whom this is the first Father’s day since their loss.
  • For the people of Hong Kong as they seek to protect their fragile and limited democracy. Pray that a peaceful, fair solution may be found which maintains their separate identity and protects their human rights whilst not allowing the island to become a haven for criminals fleeing justice on the mainland.
  • 2 years on from the event, pray for all those who were affected by the Grenfell Towers fire, thinking particularly of those who are still living in temporary accommodation.

For all those who minister within SENEA, thinking particularly this week of our own minister, Antony, as he returns from his sabbatical.

  • For young people in our schools as they sit GCSE and A Level exams and for the teachers and families who support them through the process.
  • For sportsmen and women who inspire us to try to be the best we can be and show us that nations can come together in peace and friendship.  Think particularly of the women taking part in the World Cup in France. Remember too Chris Froome and his family following his serious crash on his bike this week.
  • Giving thanks for the joys of the British Summer: strawberries, summer fairs, flowers, sunhats and wellington boots, hosepipe bans and torrential rain, remembering that variety is the spice of life.

June 9th

Almighty and everlasting God, let us as we celebrate the birthday of the Christian Church realise the power and commitment of the early followers of Jesus.  They were no longer afraid to proclaim that their Saviour was alive.  God, himself had come to be in them.  The Holy Spirit is with us today that we may go forward into new adventures and courage of service.  As your family Lord we pray that your Kingdom of love and justice may reign.

If we know how to listen to God, we should hear Him speaking to us, for God does speak to us.  He speaks through life experiences.....that new Gospel to which we ourselves add a page each day.  Come Holy Spirit blow down the barriers that divide us and bring us face to face with those in the world who need our concern.

As we celebrate the success of the D Day 75th Anniversary and the defeat of Nazi evil, we pray for unity in tackling security threats in many other parts of the world.  We thank you dear Lord for the contribution that many nations made to combat this evil by Nations united in their determination to bring peace to our world at great cost to themselves.

Open our eyes and soften our hearts, that in generosity and love we may listen to what your Spirit is teaching us through other people’s worship.  Help us to learn from each other, that we may go forward together in the pilgrimage of joy.

In an unstable and changing world, come Holy Spirit bring care and concern into our communities.  Bring harmony where there is discord.

We pray for those who. whom we know who are ill and those who care for them, for the anxious and for those who are distressed and afraid.  Bring comfort and peace.

May this day be a Pentecost experience for us.  Set our minds ,  bodies, souls ablaze with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit so that the prayers we utter may not be empty words but fire us to action.


June 2nd

This week, please pray

  • For our divided country following the European elections.  Nobody seems to know what we should do next. Pray that we may find a way forward that can unite the country, protecting our industry and our environment, our National Health Service and our schools, our elderly and vulnerable people.  In particular, pray that a way may be found to protect the still fragile peace in Ireland.
  • For our government as it seeks to replace Mrs May as prime minister.  Pray that someone can be found who will work for the good of the country a whole and not just to satisfy his or her own ambition.
  • For all those involved with Northumberland Pride this year.  Pray for the LGBTQ community as it seeks acceptance within society as a whole and within the various faith communities.  Give thanks for the service which took place at St George’s URC on Wednesday evening making it plain that all people are made in the image of God and loved by Him - and should be by us.
  • With thanksgiving for the fun families have had together over this half-term holiday, remembering that children grow much faster than we expect.  Pray too for those for whom the week has been difficult because of problems with finances or childcare.
  • As Simon Armitage takes up the post of Poet Laureate, give thanks for all those whose poetry has helped us express our joys and our sorrows throughout our lives.  Give thanks too for the teachers who made us learn it by heart so that it would be in our hearts when it was needed.




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