Pray Without Ceasing

May 5th

Lord Jesus, Saviour & Friend you showed us how love can change our world.

Patiently you waited for your friends & disciples to understand you & your message about your kingdom.  With great patience and kindness you reached out & healed the sick and the down hearted.  With great humility you washed the feet of you friends and wept with those who were grieving.


You forgave those who sought consolation and forgiveness.  You endured the agony of Calvary and bore the insults of those who were involved in your death and opened the way of eternal love.

Let us get a glimpse, dear Lord, of a world that can be transformed by your love and a world where resources can be shared and clean water be made available especially to children and the most vulnerable and a world where the hungry and the sick can be nurtured and where pollution can be avoided.  Strengthen the courage and determination of your people who protest against oppressive regimes and work for freedom for all.  

Loving Lord, we thank you for the many ways in which you have showed  your love to us. We thank you for the loving care of our families and loving support of our friends and the fellowship which we experience within our Church

Dear Lord,  we pray for our politicians that you will guide them as we plan to leave the European Union.  Help us to find an outcome that makes social as well as economic sense that takes into account the lives and welfare of all.

May the risen Lord go with you so that you become a channel of His love to others. We ask these our prayers in the precious name of Jesus.

April 21st


Good new Bible Mark ch 16 v 6—- “Don’t be alarmed “ he said “I know you are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He is not here-he has been raised!”

An Easter Song by Shirley Murray (N Z)

Christ is alive, and the universe must celebrate, and the stars and the suns shout on this Easter Day!

Christ is alive, and his family must celebrate in a great alleluia a great alleluia to praise the power that made the stone roll away.

Here is our hope in the mystery of suffering is the heartbeat of love, Love that will not let go, here is our hope, that in God we are not separate, and we sing alleluia, we sing alleluia to praise the power that made the stone roll away.

Dear Lord

We are overwhelmed by your great love which took you through such suffering on the way to the Cross and we rejoice in the triumph of your Resurrection which we celebrate on Easter Day. Words cannot express how we feel at the pouring out of such love.

The wonderful truth is that you rose again from the dead and are alive in us today, strengthening and sustaining us through the trials and temptations of life, giving us a hope that whatever happens, you will see us through.

We thank you for the Emergency Services in this country and in other lands, which are called out to deal with all kinds of incidents which endanger lives.

We thank you particularly this week for the bravery and expertise of the Firefighters in Paris as they fought to control the flames which swept through Notre Dame Cathedral. We are thankful that no lives were lost.

We pray for fellow Christians throughout the world whatever their circumstances: those in Prison because of their faith; those working in a strange land as missionaries; those caring for the sick and sorrowing over the holiday period.

We thank you again for your amazing love which binds us together in a special way in your Precious Name we pray.

April 14th

Your message of hope
to a world tiring of winter’s starkness,
longing for that first crocus
to push through snow’s icy blanket
and spread its leaves,
like arms outstretched,
to its creator.
Our yearly reminder, if we needed one,
that to a world that was dark and cold,
a world devoid of love’s sweet warmth,
you sent your Son
to break through sin’s icy blanket,
and, arms outstretched
on a cross,
he brought us
Thank you

John Birch

Merciful God,
as we enter Holy Week and gather at your house of prayer,
turn our hearts again to Jerusalem,
to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ,
that, united with Christ and all the faithful,
we may one day enter in triumph
the city not made by human hands,
the new Jerusalem, eternal in the heavens,
where, with you and the Holy Spirit,
Christ lives in glory forever. Amen.

Reformed Worship Resources

April 7th

Lord of the world,  we read our newspapers,  we are aware of the of the distressing news and we know there is so much to pray for in our world, in Europe, in our country and churches homes.

Martha said to Jesus,  “if only” you had been in Bethany, you would have healed Lazarus.  But we often say or imply “if only” in our experiences in life.  

If only he hadn’t stepped in front of that car. If only he had worked a bit harder,  he might not have failed his examinations. If only a different  prime minister or president had been elected at the last election. If only we hadn’t, decided to go on holiday that very week

But instead of looking back to the past,  Jesus invites us to look to the future.  This, in fact is central to all early Christian  beliefs about Jesus.  Jesus has come from God’s future into world history,  into the mess and muddle of the world we know.

May the Spirit of love, compel us to work for unity, for justice, for equality, for peace, for all people, from all walks of life.  Let us silently adore the Lord of life who trod the lonely walks of Gethsemane  and met the traitor Judas with no word of bitterness on His lips.

With you dear Lord,  we pray particularly for our cities which are prone to knife crime, in cities where there had been peace and freedom.

We pray for young people and the elderly that they can walk the streets in safety, where laughter can be heard instead of weeping.  Inspire us today and everyday to serve with energy,  enthusiasm and commitment our blessed Lord and His teaching about His kingdom.  Almighty God as we pray for this troubled world help us to discern your presence in it.  We see war and conflict,  racial discrimination and are tempted to lose heart.  Lord let us strive for peace in our world                                                   


We pray for those who have lost love ones in the past few days thinking especially the family of Elsie Gordon - for her husband, Tom, her children, Elizabeth and Kim and her husband Andrew, and for her grandchildren. We pray too for the family of Roy Barrell, particularly for his daughter, Amanda. Uphold them in their grief. Let them know you share their pain.

Lord may our own lives  be an example to others of your love for everyone We ask these our prayers through Him set His face towards Calvary, Jesus Christ our Lord.

March 31st

Today, the fourth Sunday of Lent, is known as Mothering Sunday.  Historically, this was a time for young girls ‘in service’ to be given time, one day, to go home

 to visit their mothers, and also for families who might be worshipping each week in local churches to return to the original main church, the Mother Church, in the area where they were brought up.  It was an important day for all the family; often the young girls would take a small gift or flowers to their mothers and it became a time to celebrate a family coming together, when a day’s work was long and hard. 

Families now often make this a special occasion to think especially of the mothers of the family, to give thanks to their mothers, often to make or give a card expressing love and thanks, and to share in a sense of caring and belonging.  Mothers appreciate these loving gestures – and there are many homes where there is a box of children’s home-made cards tucked away long after a child has grown up.

Almighty God, heavenly Father,

We give thanks to you today for all mothers and those in the role of mother, for all that they do to nurture and care for their children of any age.  We give thanks for our own mothers and those before us, who led us and taught us so many things, protecting us from harmful acts, comforting with gentle words and warm embrace, teaching us right from wrong.

We pray that you will bless and uphold mothers who are struggling with difficulties, money or housing or employment concerns, who are doing their best for their children or young people.  There are so many adverse influences to face and manage in today’s world and we pray that mothers may have the wisdom, strength and patience to create happy environments for their children.

We look across the world and see mothers, with feelings just like ours, who see their lives devastated by flood, famine, disease and injustice.  Their pain and distress at feeling themselves helpless to feed their hungry children or provide shelter, comfort or medicine must be beyond bearing.

Merciful Father, we pray that the day will come when all children are valued and cared for wherever they are; that those who work to alleviate sickness and distress may be strengthened, supported and feel the wonderful power of your  presence in their lives.

March 24th

We praise & thank you for the wonders of your creation, as spring approaches, there are signs of new life everywhere. The bright yellow of the Daffodils bring a promise of hope into the future, there is so much to see and enjoy as new colours appear each day .

We thank you that we can be assured of your love & compassion as we read Psalm 145 v 13  -The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving to all he has made - We pray for those we know who are distressed or in pain through illness or injury, those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, thinking particularly of the family of Mike Weighall  whose funeral is on 28th March, our hearts go out to them and we pray that they may know your comfort and strength upholding them at this time.

We pray for our Ecumenical Area particularly the work of Blyth Central church that they may be able to reach out to their community with the message of your peace & forgiveness.

We pray for those caught up in the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Malawi, we pray for those who have lost everything, that they will get the right kind of help to rebuild their lives again.

We pray for those young people affected by the Hotel crush in Northern Ireland on St Patrick’s day especially for those families grieving for the young people who died.

We pray for those who experienced the terror of the shooting incident in Christchurch New Zealand, help the authorities to bring peaceful co-operation back to that beautiful country.

 Help us Lord to always look to you for understanding and care in our dealings with each other

March 17th

This week please pray

  • For the people of New Zealand, particularly in Christchurch, following the horrific shootings at two mosques there. Pray for all who have been killed or injured and for all those who lost family, friends and loved ones in the events and also for the emergency services dealing with the events. Pray that we may learn that, whatever our differences of faith or culture, hatred and violence is not the way forward and that we may all be able to live together with mutual understanding and respect.
  • Pray for our politicians and leaders trying to find a way through the political chaos surrounding our departure from the EU.  Pray that they will be able to work together, rather than simply trying to score points off each other, to find a solution which is good for this country and for our friends in Europe.  Pray too for all those private individuals and businesses who are living with great uncertainty about what the future may hold for them as a result  of this mess.
  • Pray for all those who mourn, this week remembering the Weighall family following Mike’s unexpected death.
  • Pray for our minister, Antony, as he starts his three month sabbatical, that he may find renewal and refreshment after a difficult few years.
  • As we rejoice in the courage and missionary enterprise of St Patrick (17th March), pray for the Irish people both in the communities of their homeland and in the communities across the world where they live, work, and contribute to their adopted countries. 
    “Let us arise today, O God, with your strength to pilot us; your might to uphold us, your wisdom to guide us, your eye to look upon us, your ear to hear us, your word to speak to us, your shield to protect us and your hosts to be around us; through Christ the Lord.  Amen.” (St Patrick, fifth century)

March 10th

“We make a living by wat we get,

but we make a life by what we give”

(Winston Churchill)

O Lord, help us in this season of Lent to search our hearts and lives, that we may be what we profess to be, that will bring honour to our blessed Lord and Saviour.

We thank you for helping us to find out what we are good at, what we believe in and what gifts and skills we possess.  Father God, keep us ever open to your voice, calling us to serve you and when we are discouraged and we cannot see the way ahead, give us the courage to press on.

Lord God, we pray for people from our own church family: those who are unwell, anxious or in any kind of need, those who need your comfort and support.

O God, whose glory it is always to have mercy: we commend to you those families who are caught up in the rising incidents of knife crime.  We pray for those who are grieving, those who have lost a son or a daughter.  We pray for our leaders who are trying to find a solution to this difficult problem.

We pray for our church family in Morpeth.  For the young families and all those who work with them in their various activities.  We thank you for all those who commit themselves to this care and education of young children.  We pray for young people working for professional examinations and those preparing to enter the workplace and follow their chosen careers.

We thank you for all those who are part of the fellowship of the church, whatever their age.  May they find a welcoming atmosphere as we worship together.

March 3rd

Almighty Father, gracious and holy Lord,

We ask in our earnest prayers today, that we should seek to hear your word, to listen to your voice as we consider so many troubling matters.

We ask that we should never be complacent in our expectation that matters should continue in the way we expect, or take for granted all the rights, privileges and advantages that have been fought for and achieved  through the struggle, sacrifice, hardship and principles of those who have gone before us and those who are still striving for a fair, just, tolerant society.

We know that our way of life is being threatened by many adverse influences and that, in many places, reasoned discussion and debate are being subverted, and long held views of decency, morality, Christian principles and beliefs, your words of love and concern for others are mocked or set aside as being of little value in today’s society.  

So many are bewildered and afraid by divisions that have become so apparent recently, and that the bitter hostilities that are evident may be softened and opened to reasoned consideration and a true capacity to listen and to compromise.

Lord, our leaders have been given great responsibilities by their communities; we pray that they will give the time, and be given the wisdom, to make these decisions with unselfish motives.  We know that it is hard to change one’s mind, that there is always pride and self interest to face and overcome.  Father, we desperately need your words of guidance heard and felt in the hearts of all who are in the privileged position of having power and influence over people’s lives.

Renew in us, and all those with these responsibilities the strength, enlightenment and courage to seek and to follow your ways of righteousness.

Oh Lord, hear our prayers.  Soften our hearts and help us to listen to your word.









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