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Photograph of a bannerMorpeth Methodist Church and Centre for the Community has a Banner Group to which everyone is welcome.

In 1994, a new Minister and a gift of a banner from his recent church inspired several banner enthusiasts to form a banner group. Meetings always began with an act of worship - a prayer, a poem, music, sharing a personal experience etc.

A series of banners to represent the Christian calendar was the group's first challenge. Several "general banners" followed to be used at various times by any group for a particular need.

Extra banners have to be made to celebrate special occasions. Three of our most rewarding creations (including two of the most difficult to make) have been sent to Chile, America and York. The banner taken to Chile was enthusiastically received and copied by many churches throughout the length of the country. It is wonderful to receive "feedback" from recipients of these gifts - to hear about the various ways they have helped and been used by others.

Photograph of three ladies making a bannerMany decisions must be made before the actual making of the banner. Aspects such as where it is to be hung, its size, the colours, fabrics, lettering, adhesives, stitching, etc must be considered in order to create a "living picture", which clearly portrays its message and is worthy of being included in our worship to God. It is now over ten years since several enthusiasts embarked upon a venture, which often surprised us but rarely disappointed us. Only three of the original persons are still members of the group.

There have been many successes, and mistakes have also been made, but from both we have received joy, pleasure and above all a growing learning experience. Informal discussions, whilst working on a banner, often lead to questions beginning with "why, how, and when?" which then lead to questions relating to the banner, oneself or wider issues, but especially one's relationship with God.

Within the Banner Group there is room for the cutter out, the needlework person, the colour expert, the designer, the photographer, the co-ordinator and the futurist. There are still many banners to be made.

The only ability God wants is availability! For certain He inspires the rest.

If you would like to join this friendly and rewarding group, please contact the Church Office.

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