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President & Vice President's Statement on Death Penalty


The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference have released a  statement  regarding two Islamic State fighters who have had their British citizenship removed and are now facing the death penalty.

Added on 27/07/2018.

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Ascension Day Statement on Overcoming Religious Intolerance

The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Loraine N Mellor and Jill Baker, have released the following statement to mark Ascension Day, when Christians celebrate Jesus Christ's ascension into heaven.

The month of May includes a number of important dates in the Christian calendar: Ascension Day, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday all fall within the same month this year.

May 2018 also brings special days for those of other faiths including Shavuot for Jews, Wesak for Buddhists and Ramadan for Muslims.

We welcome these seasons and celebrations and send greetings of peace to our neighbours of all faiths in Britain, praying that this will be a time of deepening understanding of each other’s traditions.

We commend the ongoing work of the Big Iftar and of organisations including the Council of Christians and Jews and the Christian Muslim Forum who seek to build bridges in our communities.

Strong relationships, understanding and tolerance have never been more needed, in a world where intolerance and violence against other faith groups have become all too frequent.

We grieve for the victims of recent violence targeted at Christians in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, of the terrorist attack on a church in Bangui, Central African Republic, and of the bombing of a mosque in Khost, Afghanistan.

Sadly, these are only a few among many acts of violence targeted against believers including attacks and abuse directed at minority groups in our own country.

We stand at this time in solidarity with all people of faith who are subject to hatred, abuse and violence because of their beliefs.

All people are made in God’s image and, as we celebrate the ascension of our Lord, we pray that the day will come when no one will be persecuted for their faith.

Loving God, from earliest times you have heard the cry of your children for justice and for peace.

In these days of tension, of difficult remembrances, of competing voices and desperate cries, help us to hear the whisper of your Spirit, calling us to love, to service, to prayer and to compassion.

Open our ears to the voices of those with whom we disagree and our eyes to see how things look to them.

Give us confidence to stretch out our hands across difference and division.

Help us all, Gracious God, to be channels of your grace and your peace, wherever we may be.


Added on 11/05/2018.

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Statement before the General Election

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Leaders of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church have called for Christians to be guided by their faith in discerning what sort of society they wish the new government to create and have issued the following statement. 

As we prepare for the General Election, we recognise that Christians across our nations will prayerfully vote for a variety of parties and candidates in good conscience. We celebrate the fact that Christian people are inspired by their faith to debate passionately – and to disagree well - on how the United Kingdom should be governed at this present moment.

While much of the debate around the election is rightly focused on individual policies, it is also our duty to ask what sort of society we would wish our government to build. As Christians we have to embrace the reality that our vision will never be achieved by humankind alone, and to look beyond our human time-frames to the coming of the Kingdom of God. It is this future hope that gives meaning and direction to present struggles.     

Jesus offers us abundant life, life in all its fullness, and we are called to reflect this eternal promise on earth as it is in heaven. If we believe that all people are made in the image of God, we must surely pray, work and vote for a society in which all people are enabled to flourish and live life in all its fullness in the here and now too.

This is a society in which everyone has enough food, resources, shelter and opportunity to succeed, and where people are not left behind or damaged by poverty and inequality.

This is a society where our common humanity is valued and respected, where people can find refuge, and where everyone can contribute towards the common good.

This is a society that acts to protect God’s creation, and seeks to be a peaceful influence in the world, promoting human rights, religious freedom and economic justice for all.

So we invite you to pray for everyone standing for office and for all voters. We pray that Christians across our nations entering the polling booth on 8 June do so as followers of Jesus Christ, seeking to take part in creating a society which reflects God’s kingdom of goodness and of justice. A society that encourages life in all its fullness.


Revd Lynn Green, General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain

Rt Rev Dr Derek Browning, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Revd Dr Roger L Walton, President of the Methodist Conference

Ms Rachel Lampard MBE, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference

Revd Kevin Watson, General Assembly Moderator of the United Reformed Church

For more information contact:

Michael Ivatt

Lead Media Officer

Methodist Church House

25 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JR

T 0207 467 5191

M 07881 783812


Added on 01/06/2017.

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Statement and Prayer after the Manchester Attack

The Revd Dr Roger Walton, President of the Methodist Conference and Vice-President, Rachel Lampard, have responded to last night's attack in Manchester. Andrew Lunn, Chair of Manchester and Stockport District, and Peter Martin, Chair of Bolton and Rochdale District, have written a prayer. Youth President, Tim Annan, has also released a statement.


From the Revd Dr Roger Walton, President of the Methodist Conference, and Rachel Lampard, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference:


We are appalled by the horrific bombing at the Manchester Arena. We pray for the families of those who have been killed or who are injured, and for those, many of whom will be young, who have been scarred and scared by what they have witnessed.


We give thanks for the emergency services and for the many ordinary people who demonstrated compassion in responding to those caught up in the tragedy. We ask the Methodist people to hold the people of Manchester and beyond in their prayers as we remember the words of Psalm 34, "Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it."


From Andrew Lunn, Chair of Manchester and Stockport District, and Paul Martin, Chair of Bolton and Rochdale District of the Methodist Church:


In the face of the violent and deadly attack at the Manchester Arena last night, the Methodist people in Manchester are united with many others in their sense of shock, and in their prayers for all those who have been bereaved, wounded, or traumatised.


As we seek to respond to this terrible event we are grateful for those who have affirmed that, so far as it is possible, we will not let this attack change our daily lives. Some people have been tweeting using the hashtag #WeAreNotAfraid - in this way those who are stronger support those who feel the weight of anxiety, pain and fear.


Among the stories beginning to emerge there are many about the ways people have sought to help others: providing safe places, or lifts home, or passing on messages to help those who were separated find each other. It is through such small acts that we reaffirm our commitment to one another. Every such act makes a stand against violence and fear.


In a diverse city one thing we can be sure of is that people in Manchester will not let this event divide us.


Manchester is the home of a movement called We Stand Together (#WeStandTogether), in which people of many different faiths and backgrounds recognise that we find strength in our common humanity.


We are deeply grateful for the many assurances of prayer which we have received from around the country.


God of compassion and mercy,

amidst the pain and trauma of this day we turn to you,

for through Christ crucified we know that you have taken to heart the suffering of our people.


In fear and anxiety, strengthen us.

In despair and pain, comfort us.

In incomprehension and anger, reassure us that your love and life are stronger than the hatred and violence which overshadows our city today.


Console those who carry a burden of loss, injury, or trauma and empower all who support them.

Strengthen all who seek to stand together in peace and unity.


We pray in the name of Jesus.  Amen.


From Tim Annan, Youth President of the Methodist Church:


It's hard to look at the images and stories coming out of Manchester today and not feel rage at this horrific act of violence against people; all of whom were just going to live life to its fullest.


Lives have been irreconcilably changed last night. An empty seat at the table. A smile and warm embrace; now missing. We stand with all those who grieve this morning, in our thoughts and prayers. Holding the pain with the anger.


Yet, in the face of the anger, confusion and grief, the response of the people of Manchester was love and compassion. From the emergency services responding quickly and effectively, to the many people who opened up their homes to those who needed a place to stay, to cab drivers transporting distraught people for free to a place to rest. Even at the darkest moment, humanity, compassion and hope shone through.


Beautiful and terrible things will happen, but don't give in to anger or fear. Know that you are surrounded by God's love.

Added on 25/05/2017.

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An Easter Message from the President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference

The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Dr Roger Walton and Rachel Lampard MBE, speak about confidence, suffering and hope in this year's Easter Message. - Watch here:






Added on 13/04/2017.

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Joint Statement on Aleppo

The Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Church in Wales, the Church of Scotland, Quakers in Britain, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church have released a statement calling upon the Syrian and Russian Governments and other forces to stop their bombardment of Aleppo.  
The humanitarian crisis in eastern Aleppo has become a tragedy. United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, has stated that in the two weeks following the collapse of the ceasefire, 376 people have been killed, one third of whom were children, and a further 1266 were wounded.  The international humanitarian organisation Medicines Sans Frontieres‎ said recently that there have been 23 recorded attacks on Aleppo's eight hospitals since the end of July. Seeking medical care has become a danger in itself.

The statement below has been signed by leaders from the six churches representing more than one million people in the UK.

The destruction of Aleppo must stop.  

We are appalled by the attacks on civilians by the Syrian Government, Russian and other forces. Life is a gift of God. The targeting and killing of civilians can never be passed off merely as a consequence of war. Aerial strikes on homes, hospitals and aid convoys are never acceptable, under any circumstances.  
The responsibility for such attacks lies first and foremost with those who have carried them out. But the frequency of such attacks in Syria also underlines a failure on the part of the international community to uphold long-established principles concerning the immunity of civilians in conflict. Member states of the United Nations should seek to hold to account the parties responsible for indiscriminate attacks on men, women, children, hospitals, humanitarian and rescue workers, which could be construed as war crimes.

The world cries out for an end to the death and destruction in Syria that daily adds to the largest flight of refugees since the Second World War.  We join with our brothers and sisters of other churches and other faiths in praying for the people of Syria. We claim no simple solution to a complex political reality but offer the simple message of our faith: that every life is valued by God and that the slaughter must end now.
The signatories to the statement are:

The General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain - the Revd Lynn Green.
The President of the Methodist Church - the Revd Dr Roger Walton.
The General Secretary of the United Reformed Church - the Revd John Proctor.
The Moderator for the Church of Scotland - the Right Revd Dr Russell Bar.
Recording Clerk for Quakers in Britain - Paul Parker
The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon - the Right Revd John Davies. (1)

Added on 20/10/2016.

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Listed below are forthcoming events at the Morpeth Methodist Church or of interest to its members. Please check with the contact listed for each event to ensure that the details are accurate.

Lunchtime Organ Recital

Friday 19th October 2018 from 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Our final concert this year features Caroline Hodgson from Darlington.  Entrance is free and the concert will be followed by refreshments as usual.

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Below is a selection of relevant notices which may be of interest to members. Not all notices from the regular Sunday notice sheet are included here, mainly for privacy reasons.

Harvest Thanksgiving

This year’s Harvest Thanksgiving will be on Sunday, October 7th.  Donations will be divided amongst The People’s Kitchen, The Food Bank,  and the west End Refugee Service. All gifts will be greatly appreciated but it is much easier for the recipients to use non-perishable items.

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Tea Time Talks

The first meeting of the Winter/ Spring Season will be held in St George’s URC Hall at the new start time of 2.00 pm on Thursday 20 September.  The speaker is Jared Johnson and his talk is entitled “Out of Africa - The Story of Human Evolution”.  Cost is by donation of around £2.50 - £3 per person and included in this is a cream tea with homemade scones and jams afterwards - what a bargain!  To help caterers judge quantities, please let Jared know (preferably in advance) if you are intending to come - 514610 or email 

You can, of course, also simply turn up and pay at the door.

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Methodist Homes

In this the MHA’s 75th anniversary year the Chief Executive, Sam Monaghan,  recently addressed the Methodist Conference where he spoke about the importance and value of the on-going partnership with the Church.  In recognition of this MHA has produced a special publication entitled ‘Full of Years’.  There are several copies available on the shelves in the coffee lounge.  Please take one and read about the work of MHA.

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Resource Day for those Leading Local Arrangement Services

On 13th October 10-12.30 at Westerhope Methodist Church.  The session will be led by District Evangelism Enabler, Elaine Lindridge, in partnership

with District Local Preachers Team.  It will cover worship ideas & resources, how to choose hymns & songs & compile orders of service, leading prayers, sharing stories, ideas for preparing & leading worship in

your local church. To book your place contact Elaine, Tel: 07734904475


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Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival - The John Wesley Way

A three day linear walk following part of the route taken by John Wesley over 250 years ago, devised by Ann Potter of Catton Chapel

Oct 5th– Middleton to Ireshopeburn (13.5 miles)

Oct 6th – Ireshopeburn to Allenheads (11.5 miles)

Oct 7th – Allenheads to Keenley (13 miles)

Join us for one or more days.  £13 per day (pre-booking essential)

Coach from Haltwhistle and return each day.  These are strenuous walks for experienced walkers.  Full details or ‘phone 01434 322025

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Methodist Prayer Handbook 2018/2019

Copies of the new handbook, price £3.50, are now available in the Church Office foyer.  There are also a few large print copies (same price) available for anyone who needs them.

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Dementia Friendly Morpeth

A public meeting in Morpeth town hall Thursday 20th September 5.30-7pm. A chance to learn more about the dementia friendly Morpeth initiative, and discuss how life could be enhanced for those living with dementia. For further information see Tony Woods.

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SENEA MWiB Fellowship Day

Thursday 27th September  SENEA MWiB  Fellowship Day. ‘Look for the Hero  inside Yourself’ led by Revd. Marie Attwood  at  Amble Methodist Church, Percy Street, Amble. 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (tea/coffee from 10:30 a.m.)  Ladies from around the ecumenical area will get together for a day of fellowship, fun and inspiration.  The day will close with a silent  communion.  Bring a packed lunch, a Bible and a pen – and if you wish, beforehand, think about who has inspired you  either scripturally or secularly.  You may wish to bring pictures, quotes or other things that symbolise your chosen characters. But most importantly bring yourself!   Car share to Amble can be arranged. Further information from Maureen Baker (tel 513333, e-mail

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Morpeth Chaplaincy Team

We are hoping to set up a monthly Communion Service in William Turner Court, perhaps starting in September. We haven’t as yet decided on the day or the time. If you would like to help with this ministry please get in touch with Jeremy Cooper or Rhona Dunn for more information.

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Newcastle District Methodist Women in Britain: "Journeys"

Seahouses Methodist Church on Saturday 22nd September

10 am to 3 pm. Join friends and make new ones as we explore through Worship, Bible Study and Workshops.

Bring a packed lunch. Donations invited for tea and coffee.

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Puddlers are continuing to look at the 2 Corinthians.  If you would like to join us, we would be delighted to see you.  If you have a commentary on James, please bring it along; we’re hoping to have several different ones with in the group. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 18th September at 11.00 am.

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Morpeth Methodist Church Drop In Lunches

Come and join us every Tuesday 12.00 - 1.30 pm.  Soup, sandwiches, cake & hot drinks.

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