Pray Without Ceasing

April 13th

This week please remember:

  • this Holy Week to pray:
    Living Lord, your power surrounds us as we face the way Christ trod;
    challenge us to fresh commitment to the purposes of God;
    called to share the new creation; called to preach a living word,
    promised all the joys of heaven through the grace of Christ our Lord.
    (from a Liturgy for Holy Communion during Lent)
  • to give thanks for our various journeys with Jesus through Lent, as He led us in the company of friends from all Morpeth churches in the weekly Lent study groups
  • to be constant companions in prayer and friendship with those who suffer loss among us, through illness, disablement or bereavement: when words fail, Love prevails
  • to ask the Lord to imbue us with confidence and joy this week as - in worship in our homes, in our churches, in the market place and with our neighbours - we share the great good news that “God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” [John 3.16]
  • frail elderly people at home, in residential or nursing homes and their carers - all in need of loving respect and loyal companionship in old age
  • to pray for peace with justice in Ukraine, Syria, North Africa, Central Africa and wherever forces of evil, disorder, anarchy and violence make life hell for innocent people
  • to praise God for the work of ALL WE CAN Methodist relief and development, tackling the roots of poverty through partnerships in many countries in Africa, Asia and Central America: “Poverty is personal: So is the solution.”

April 6th

This week please remember:

  • the Passion of our Lord Jesus in Jerusalem, and to grieve with him over that city, the focus today of division and enmity between Jews, Christians and Muslims reconcilable only through faith in Jesus the Son of God, Messiah and Saviour of the world
  • to praise the Lord for evidence of real change in the men engaged in the Sycamore Tree (restorative justice) courses in HMP Northumberland; pray for peace in the prison following the riots last weekend, and for both prisoners and officers under stress due to 20% reduction in staff
  • to give thanks for all the music offered in worship in our church, for the dedicated work of our organists and music-makers and the gifts and talents shared through the various recent and upcoming concerts
  • to pray for an end to the atrocities committed in the violent struggle between extremist Boko Haram and Nigerian military in which over 800 civilians have been killed this year and many communities devastated; and for Muslim and Christian leaders working together for peace and justice
  • to give thanks for healing ministries promoting wholeness of body, mind and spirit within our Health Services and in community and family relationships, in particular for Contact, Relate, NCH Action for Children and AgeUK, and for chaplains in our hospitals
  • to give thanks for the mutual encouragement in serving our communities we enjoy with our Area churches at Seaton Delaval (Elsdon Avenue), Seghill and Annitsford praying for their leaders and ministers, Revds Malcolm Sellars and Yvonne Tracey; pray that the Area Service next Sunday 4 pm at Doxford Place, Cramlington may bring blessing to all our congregations.

March 30th 2014

This week please remember:

  • on this Mothering Sunday, we give thanks to God for the our mothers’ love and the love of those other women whose devotion and strength has blessed our life’s journey
  • we praise God for Mary the mother of Jesus and other women in the gospels whose loving courage and commitment were Christ’s constant companions
  • the blessings of friendships forged at ecumenical Lent studies with and through Jesus’ uniting and transforming Spirit
  • with thanksgiving the strengthening of the Anglican/Methodist Covenant in our District/Diocese at the beautiful Evensong in St Nicholas’ last Sunday, when Revd Leo Osborn was installed as the first ecumenical canon of the Cathedral
  • friends recovering from surgery or illness; Mike Donaldson, Mike Gaunt, Rosalind Philipson, Chris McPhillips, Jean Matthews, Steve Proom and others who for health or family reasons have to make life-changing decisions
  • tomorrow evening’s (7.30 pm Monday at the Manse) Consultation on Worship reviewing the life as a worshipping community of “the people called Methodists” here in Morpeth
  • with joyful thanks the steady growth of Messy Church; as it outgrows Storey Park Community Centre we pray for a new suitable venue and continuing encouragement for leaders and helpers
  • we give thanks for our greater understanding and strengthened ties with our partner church at Kamuzinda, Uganda through Bishop Daniel - a true “ambassador for Christ”
  • to continue fervently in prayer for peace in Ukraine, the Middle East and Central Africa, for patience and perseverance of negotiators between hostile parties giving thanks for heroic humanitarian workers bringing hope to millions of refugees form violence and oppression.

March 23rd 2014

This week please remember:

  • to praise God for Bishop Daniel’s visit bringing us closer to our Christian partners in Uganda, and for showing us how much we have to learn from one another of Christian discipleship, love for our neighbours and the grace and kindness of God our Father
  • our minister and leaders in this congregation exploring ever more effective ways of expressing the Good News here in Morpeth, through worship, prayer, church family and the hospitality of our Church centre for the Community: where the Spirit leads may we all follow with joyful faith
  • to pray with the Conference of European Churches that “all diplomatic and peaceful means are employed by those in power to that Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is preserved…for strength and wisdom for all political leaders to choose….democracy and human rights over authoritarian rule.”
  • to give thanks for agents of hope and change in the lives of homeless people locally, e.g., Barnabas Safe and Sound, and nationally, e.g., Shelter and the YMCA; and pray that our County Council may be able to continue to access for them affordable housing in our communities
  • to praise God for the wonderfully effective rural medical work in Nigeria by the Methodist Church and Wesley Guild Nigeria Health Car Project (NHCP); praying that adequate funding may be found to seize the opportunities and meet the need for basic competent health care in poor rural communities [see centre pages METHODIST RECORDER 21/03/2014]
  • to continue to pray for peace in Syria, South Sudan, Central African Republic and now in Libya where revolution has spawned militant tribalism, gangsterism and oppression; entreating the Lord for the protection of peacemakers, both Christian and Muslim.

March 16th 2014

This week please remember:

  • all who sincerely (even if secretly like Nicodemus) desire to know who Jesus is, praising God the Father who always reveals to them his great love in sending His beloved son, not to condemn but that all who believe on Him may have eternal life [John 3.16-17]
  • the crucial decisions to be taken this week by European leaders on a new EU climate deal; pray that they may lead the world by taking measures to prevent further global warming with all its adverse effects on every nation - effects already threatening lives and livelihoods of poorer people and fragile ecosystems all across the globe [please go to ]
  • we give thanks for Parents &Toddlers, creating friendships enriching families in our neighbourhood; and pray for Messy Church (Storey Park next Saturday) gathering many families to hear and share the story of God’s love for all offered in Jesus his dear Son
  • give thanks for continuing research into various forms of dementia and their treatment; for both medical and social care that “adds life to their years” for older people especially through skilled, compassionate ministries of healing at home and in every care home and hospital, including our Methodist Homes (MHA) , e.g., Harwood Court, and Westerley Care Homes (LWP)
  • to give thanks for our links with the many users of our Church Centre; and to pray for Christ-like grace and wisdom in making them welcome, and for every opportunity of making his love and friendship known
  • with thanksgiving the newly-formed Morpeth Chaplaincy Team ministering to the elderly people at St James’ Day Centre, Renwick House, Northlands, St Christopher’s, Terravis, Foxton Court, East Riding, Riverside and Silvas Court; praying that more helpers will offer for this rewarding Christian work.

March 9th

This week please remember:

  • we praise God for the coming among us of Bishop Daniel Kitondekigya and for our partnership in love and witness with Victory Christian Church, Kamuzinda, Uganda: may the Lord richly bless us as together we celebrate the good news of the Kingdom here and in all the world
  • to give thanks for our fellowship with sister churches in the Area among them Blyth Central and Blyth URC, Cowpen, Cramlington Doxford Place, Cramlington Welcome and Harwood Court MHA; praying for their leaders and ministers, Revds Ann Shepherdson, Ian Farnsworth and Adele Moorhouse
  • to continue in prayer for Mike Donaldson, Gene Groves, David Pallett, Rosalind Philipson, Alan Sanderson, Stephen Proom, Mike Gaunt and other friends recovering from or preparing for major surgery, that they and their families may know confidence and peace
  • we give thanks for the many Methodist partnerships with the United Reformed Church, including in the SENEA, and pray for
  • that as stewards of God’s creation, our beautiful fragile planet, we confess our responsibility for Climate Change; and pray that our Government may not renege on the aims and terms of the Climate Change Act 2008 (the year Morpeth was flooded!) by going back to more fossil fuel exploitation (fracking for oil and gas) instead of investing urgently in tidal, wind, solar and other renewable sources of energy
  • the call to prayer from Christians in Ukraine (see Methodist Recorder front page 07/03/2014). “Our political leaders need wisdom to build a new Government based on democratic norms: our religious leaders need courage to continue proclaiming truth and love and hope; ordinary families need encouragement to keep working together to build a just society” (Methodist minister in Kiev).

March 2nd

This week please remember:

  • to give thanks for the response to join in the Morpeth Ecumenical Lent Studies; praying for fruitful understanding among us as the Holy Spirit strengthens the foundations of our common faith and fellowship in prayer
  • our Church Council on Tuesday evening, that our leaders may be encouraged and blessed in the governance of our congregation
  • to praise God for the work of many Christian leaders among children and young people in Morpeth, as “church without walls”, loving them into the Kingdom
  • to ask for the Spirit’s guidance as to how we may best participate in this outreach
  • the Christian women of Egypt, whose life and example inspires the Women’s World Day of Prayer Service here on Friday afternoon and shows how in the midst of revolution and persecution they still find God providing “Streams in the Desert”
  • to praise God that the way is clear for Bishop Daniel to visit us (arriving Thursday) praying that as partner churches here and in Uganda God may “bind us together in love”
  • that, as the President of Methodist Conference Revd Ruth Gee protests, the effects of “welfare reform” is that we are trampling the heads of the poor into the dust……and pushing the afflicted out of the way (Amos2.7); “(this) isn’t acceptable. It is iniquitous and we will continue to challenge political leaders…because that is what we are called to do as followers of Jesus Christ.” [see her column in Methodist Recorder 28/02/2014]
  • the crisis in Ukraine threatening the peace and stability of that nation and all Europe; pray that confrontation may give way to reconciliation.
  • the District Preachers’ Conference here next Saturday, that it may refresh and encourage those who lead our worship and faithfully preach the Good News of Jesus our Saviour and Lord.

February 23rd

This week please remember:

  • Church leaders challenging Government and the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) over inaccurate and misleading “facts” about welfare reform see; and give thanks that Common Ground, Food Banks, Credit Unions and Barnabas Safe and Sound are practical Christian responses to “the lies they (politicians and the media) tell about poverty” in our nation
  • the Church Family Committee meeting on Wednesday evening (26th) to discern and share what God is doing among and through us here in Morpeth
  • with thanksgiving our national and local emergency and rescue services who are protecting lives, properties and vital utilities: pray that their budgets too may be protected from short-term cost-cutting in the name of “efficiency savings”
  • that this is FairTrade Fortnight and praise God that Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world; pray that we may be alert to our responsibility to make this happen through our shopping habits, especially remembering the plight of exploited banana farmers denied a fair price for their harvest
  • how God has blessed us with a bright succession of ministers in our Area; now in a time of shortage to pray for God’s guidance for the Area Leadership Team and that we all may be ministers and pastors to one another, for ‘“the word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart,” that is, the word of faith we are proclaiming’ [Romans 10.8]
  • that Jesus is with us always, commanding and enabling each one of us to be his good news in our neighbourhood, his message of saving grace to our families, neighbours, friends and acquaintances day by day. [John 15.16]

February 16th

This week please remember:

  • as we look forward to Easter, we pray that we may each and all together be given a fresh vision of Jesus Christ crucified and risen and his call to be his disciples and witnesses in our daily and community life
  • the negotiators in the Syrian peace talks in Geneva praying that they and their protagonists on the battlefield may realise the futility of their cruel war and great suffering of their people
  • the distress caused by the widespread flooding, giving thanks for emergency services and communities that pull together to support the most vulnerable: pray for those whose livelihoods have been lost or endangered especially farmers and small businesses in inundated counties
  • with thanksgiving the fellowship we share with other churches in the Area among them Newbiggin St Andrews & St Marks, Ashington Trinity, Stakeford, Bedlington (Colliery and Trinity), their ministers, Revds Barry Welch, Sue Nicol and Heegon Moon, preachers, leaders and faithful members; giving thanks for the joyful Service of Commissioning as an Area Preacher of Clare Oswell
  • dear friends laid aside by illness or disability, or convalescing including David Pallett, Alan Sanderson, Mary Coates, Mary Flynn and others supported in care homes: God grant them healing and peace
  • to give thanks for the Methodist Relief & Development Fund, Christian Aid and others persevering in the communal efforts to restore and rebuild in the Philippines and Haiti following those destructive typhoons and earthquakes
  • that God has given us the means of grace - worship, the Sacraments, the Scriptures and prayer - that we may know him as our constant loving companion, source of wisdom, strength, comfort and joy in every aspect of our lives; thanks be to his Holy Name.

February 9th

Pray without Ceasing Jesus said:

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.

Now remain in my love.

If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love

just as I have obeyed my Father’s commands and remain in his love.

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

                                                            John 15. 9-10,12

Let us pray:

O God of love, we pray thee to give us love:

Love in our thinking, love in our speaking,

Love in our doing, and love in the hidden places of our souls;

Love of our neighbours near and far;

Love of our friends, old and new;

Love of those with whom we find it hard to bear,

And love of those who find it hard to bear with us;

Love of those with whom we work,

And love of those with whom we take our ease;

Love in joy, love in sorrow;

Love in life and love in death;

That so at length we may be worthy to dwell with thee,

Who art eternal love.

                                                        William Temple

February 2nd

This week in prayer we can:

  • praise God for the ministry of the Word and Sacraments nourishing and uniting us in Christ as His people in the world; and for our ministers, preachers, teachers and companions on the Way, and those whose gifts (welcoming, musical, flower-arranging, technical and secretarial) evoke our glad response in worship and service
  • give thanks for all who bless us with their friendship and support in times of trouble: our pastoral visitors, the fellowship of Summer Club (even in midwinter!), Men’s Breakfast, Women’s Meeting Point, Bible Study Groups; and pray for our Pastoral Visitors’ Meeting on Wednesday evening (5th February)
  • celebrate our partnership in the Gospel with the Christian Victory Church in Kamuzinda, Uganda, and pray that nothing may hinder Bishop Daniel’s journey and safe arrival among us next month
  • give thanks for the privilege of welcoming all-comers to this Church Centre, for the hospitality offered through Reception, Parents and Toddlers, Drop-In Lunches and to many community groups and societies, and pray for Christ-like grace and wisdom in building upon these contacts, offering His love to our entire community
  • to give thanks for every sign of God’s generosity and kindness and everyone through whom these blessings come to us personally, naming them one by one and giving Him the glory and praise
  • give thanks for our dedicated Health and Social Services, to pray for all who are trying to make them more responsive to the needs of the sick and needy in a true spirit of loving service
  • with thanksgiving the steady commitment of youth leaders in Scouts, the BB, Brownies, Guides, 13+ and Barnabas (Morpeth Youth Support) among all our children and young people, praying they may be faithfully supported by parents and all our church family.





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