Pray Without Ceasing

June 11th

We pray that the Lord will make us an instrument of his peace.

Where there is hatred, inspired by extremism, fuelled by desire for revenge, encouraged by fear,   

                                …. let us sow love.

Where there is doubt, that goodness will prevail over hate, that light will overcome darkness,                       


Where there is despair, that peace will return, that lives will not be wasted either perpetrating violence or as victims of violence,                   


Where there is darkness, as we watch atrocities on the TV news and listen to the analysis and forecasts,                 


Where there is sadness for those killed, injured, psychologically scarred, brainwashed, 


We pray that the Spirit will enter our own lives,

our everyday actions,

our interactions with others,

our tone of voice,

as we journey onwards with Jesus.

                         (Adapted from the prayer of St. Francis)


June 4th

This year “Thy Kingdom Come” is a worldwide call to prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost. Pray that more people will come to know Jesus Christ; that people will be empowered by God’s Holy Spirit; and that we will find new confidence to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. Let us pray with others around the world for-


To those whose faith has grown stale, we pray the joy of freshness. To those separated from family and friends, we pray the joy of reunion. To those who are unemployed, we pray the joy of work. To all people in all places, we pray the joy of knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Amen.


Gracious God, we entrust to your love those longing to be healed: those in hospital, those at home, those whose addictions plague their life, those whose past still haunts them. Be with them in their pain, their frustration and their fear. Amen.


God of justice and of mercy, we pray for those whose crimes seem beyond forgiveness: for those who kill, abuse, torture and exploit. Forgive them and us, whenever we hurt others. We ask this in Jesus’ name who called out, ‘Father, forgive them’, even as he died. Amen.


Light a candle and on pieces of paper write all the places in the world that lie heavily on your heart; the names of those you know who have no peace of mind; families where there is division. Place them around the candle and imagine each one being brought to Jesus and blessed.


Gracious God, we pray for those longing to be accepted… longing to be acknowledged… longing to be given a second chance… longing to be loved…  May your kingdom come and transform their longing into joy.  Amen.


God of our universe, as we journey further in space, bless us with knowledge and wisdom, as we pioneer new treatments, develop social media, and live side by side. Bless us that your kingdom may come and your will be done. Amen.

May 28th


It’s hard for us to pray this week.  We look at the awful thing which happened in Manchester on Monday night: children losing their parents; parents losing their children; terrible injuries caused by a bomb packed with nuts and bolts, designed to cause as much terror and damage as possible, and carried by a man not much more than a child himself.

We look at the hatred and fear that inspired it and which it caused.  We see an increase in attacks on Muslims by angry, frightened, unthinking people. We look at soldiers carrying weapons on our streets.  We see police raiding houses in ordinary streets, using explosives to gain entry.  We hear talk of networks and the possibility of further attacks.

We look at these things, Lord, and it’s hard to know where to begin to pray about it. We wonder where you are in all this.

But then we hear other stories.  We hear of people opening their homes and their hearts to stranded, terrified strangers.  We hear of taxi-drivers taking people home without charge.  We hear of so many doctors and nurses turning up to work that hospitals had to send them away.  We hear of food being brought to people working in those hospitals by their colleagues.  We hear of strangers helping to search for those who are lost.

We see people of different faiths and none standing side by side in rallies across the country to say, ‘This is not what we are.  This is not what we will be.  We will stand together against evil’.   We see strangers hugging each other because, ‘You have to show people that they are loved. Love is all you can give people at a time like this’.

We see that, Lord, and we know where you are: you are in the middle of it all, mourning with those who mourn, weeping with those weep, working and driving and caring with ordinary people, made in your image: showing people that they are loved. And then we know how to pray after all.


May 21st

This week, please pray

  • We pray for Christian Aid week. The collectors going from house to house as a witness, the households visited perhaps having their only contact with church, and the recipients of Christian Aid projects throughout the world. In particular for Nejebar from Afghanistan, and her family living in a refugee camp in Greece.
  • For those suffering from illness at this time, within our church family thinking particularly of Alex and Jean Robinson.
  • We pray for those who mourn remembering particularly the family and friends of Jack Eastland
  • We pray for those with poor mental health or a learning disability. That they may feel integrated and supported in our community as Morpeth Methodist Church reaches out to all.
  • For people within our church who are stepping forward to train as local preachers, become stewards, join the church council, or work for the church in any way. That the Church AGM this Sunday will uplift the church as we travel on our journey of discipleship.
  • We pray for Methodist Ministers who have previously served in Morpeth, that they may be blessed in their new appointments or, as retired ministers, enjoy and feel respected in their continued involvement in the life of the church.

May 14th

This week, please pray

  • With thanksgiving for those who volunteer: people working in charity shops, collecting for Christian Aid, answering phones for the Samaritans, helping with food banks, befriending the lonely, running youth groups - all those who see a need and cannot walk away.
  • For those who teach our young people, from nurseries and pre-schools right through to colleges and universities, working to inspire a lifelong love of learning in their charges in spite of larger classes than they might like, sometimes difficult social conditions, seemingly endless changes to what is required of them and mountains of paperwork.  Think particularly of our local schools: Abbeyfields, Goosehill, All Saints & Stobhillgate Junior schools, Chantry & Newminster Middles and King Edward VI High.  Pray too for the Sunshine Pre-School meeting on our premises.
  • For all within our church family who are currently unwell.
  • For our local ecumenical area this week thinking particularly of the church families in Alnmouth, North Broomhill,  Widdrington Methodist Church, and Amble with their minister, Revd Lynda Coulthard.
  • For all who are sleeping rough tonight: in our cities and towns, in refugee camps, in bombed out buildings, in hidden, dangerous places with fear and sorrow for their bedfellows.  Pray for warmth and safety for them, a place to rest and people to love them and pray that we, who sleep soft tonight, never take it for granted.
  • On International Dylan Thomas Day (14th May) we give thanks for the gift of poetry, giving voice to our deepest thoughts and feelings, enriching our hymns, helping us to come closer to God.

May 7th

This week, please pray

  • During the coming week choose 5 people you want to pray for. As a reminder to pray–tie 5 knots in a piece of string for your pocket or bedside.  God knows and loves each and every person, their joys and anxieties, their situation and responsibilities. Pray that God will touch their lives, meet their needs and be transformed by God.
  • Give thanks to God for the faithful ministry of the Morpeth Chaplaincy team with people living in care homes or sheltered housing in Morpeth. Pray for the team of volunteers, staff and residents and their families, that God may enrich their lives. We pray for the wellbeing of young and not so young who live in residential and nursing homes and the staff who care day in - day out.
  • Let us give God thanks for the dedication of health researchers and practitioners, whose innovative health treatments and knowledge benefit people not only in Britain but around the world.  Pray for the provision of medical supplies and services in war-torn areas and for people in desperate need of health care.
  • We are asked to pray each week for other churches in SENEA (South east Northumberland ecumenical area) to whom we are linked. Let us pray for those communities, its people and the activities and outreach of those churches, that God’s spirit and love will energise many. This week pray for St Andrew’s and St Mark’s church at Newbiggin and their minister Jim Magee; and Elsdon Avenue church at Seaton Delaval and their minister Greg Thompson.

Make me a channel of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me bring your love;

Where there is injury, your pardon, Lord;
and where there’s doubt, true faith in you.

O Master, grant that I may never seek,

so much to be consoled as to console;

To be understood as to understand;

to be loved as to love with all my soul.

Singing the Faith number 707

April 30th

This week, please pray

  • With others throughout the world marking International Workers Memorial Day (28th April), remember the thousands of men, women and children, who have been killed, seriously injured or made ill by their working conditions.  Remembering our local heritage, we pray particularly for miners and their families whether digging coal, copper, gold, uranium, lead or any of the world’s underground treasures.  Pray that their work will be made as safe as possible for them, wherever they are throughout the world, and give thanks for those who, sometimes at great personal risk, fight for improvements in their treatment
  • As we approach the local elections on 4th May, and parliament is dissolved in preparation for the general election, pray that we can heal the divisions in this land - both locally and nationally - and find a way to move ahead together.  Pray that people will listen respectfully to each other and thoughtfully, prayerfully use their votes.
  • For our ecumenical area remembering particularly this week Revd Adele Moorhouse leading the churches in Cramlington Welcome Chapel & Doxford Place, and in Bedlington Colliery, and Revd Ann Shepherdson leading those in Blyth Central & Cowpen. Give thanks for all those working and worshipping in these church communities.
  • Pray for those within our church family who are, or have recently been, unwell or who, for various reasons, are finding things difficult at present and who may not always be able to come to church: Elsie Gordon, Jim Dunn, John Eastland, Christine Nuttall, Evelyn Winton, Edith Sanderson, Enid Proud amongst others
  • In the week when the Cassini probe has sent back astonishing pictures of our planet from within the rings of Saturn (, give thanks for God’s gift to us of curiosity which drives us, with a sense of wonder, to explore his creation

April 23rd

is week, please pray

  • We pray for the work of Christian Aid, working with people in South Sudan, campaigning against climate change that threatens the livelihoods of people living in countries such as South Sudan, and their project Gardens do Good encouraging people in this country to grow their own food while helping Christian Aid work with people in other countries grow food for themselves.
  • For those who are working to reduce the stigma of mental health, such as Princes Harry and William, and encouraging particularly young males to share and talk about problems. Suicide remains the largest cause of death in young people (under 35) in the UK.
  • We pray for anyone who has recently started attending church services for the first time, or returned to church after an absence, that they may find spiritual companionship.
  • For the work of the Methodist church in Morpeth and Pegswood as we await the ministry of Rev. Antony Oakley. We pray that church members will resolve to be active to continue the mission of Morpeth Methodist Church, both as inreach to members and outreach to our community.
  • We give thanks that we live in a country where Christians can safely attend church and witness to their Christian experiences. We remember the Coptic church in Egypt and pray that God will be with them as they suffer from attacks such as the Palm Sunday bombings.

April 16th

This Easter, please pray

  • For peace in the world remembering the many, many societies for whom peace seems an empty word as they live amidst violence, war, prejudice, hatred and persecution.  Pray particularly for Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan the Middle East.
  • As we eat chocolate and Sunday dinner and celebrate, remember those who are hungry this Easter - refugees, the homeless, and particularly those affected by the famine in Africa.
  • For those in our church family, or who are known to us, who are unwell, or in hospital, remembering particularly Elsie Gordon 
  • With joy and thanksgiving for the many gifts which are ours this Easter, for those who love us and whom we love, for the beauty of new life in the world around us as spring flowers bloom and birds sing in the hedgerows, for the happiness of children on school holidays and, most of all, for the salvation which is ours through Jesus Christ, our Lord:

Sovereign Lord,
your hand has touched
the dry bones of our faith,
your Word has breathed
new life where there was death,
your spirit raised
us up from where we lay,
your love has brought
us home and to your Cross,
and by your grace
we stand forgiven, free.

John C Birch

April 9th

This week, please pray

  • At this time of Lent and Easter, leading to Pentecost- let us hold before God in prayer the life changing message of the gospel for all people. God loves the world and each and every person. Jesus lived a while on earth and lives on in God’s spirit, in the lives of all who seek God and follow God’s call to new living each day. Let us pray that people in this country and around the world will hear about Jesus and come to know and welcome Jesus into their lives.
  • Pray for all families struggling to cope financially, whether in work or not. New government benefit cuts are to limit support for just the first 2 children in a family. These cuts will ignore the needs additional children and are likely to further impoverish those families. Pray for our government- that they make these types of decisions with compassion and wisdom.
  • We pray for all affected by and involved in last week’s attacks on Westminster bridge and the Houses of Parliament. May God bring healing to those hurting in body or mind. May God change the hearts of those who seek to harm and destroy human life for political ends.
  • We pray for urgent assistance for the people of Khan Sheikhoun in the north of Syria; where many have died and many more are affected by deadly airborne chemicals; where medical supplies are very limited. Let us pray also for the people of Columbia where landslides have claimed hundreds of lives and many people are missing. 
  • Let us support in prayer the spiritual growth and mission of all local churches. This week we are asked to pray for the churches and communities of Stakeford and Ashington Trinity and Rev Jim Magee- that together they may respond to Jesus’s call and share his love with all.

April 2nd

This week, please pray

  • For those charged with negotiating the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, both in this country and on behalf of the EU.  Pray that there may be goodwill and wisdom on both sides as we strive to find a way forward which can benefit all the people of Europe.
  • With thanksgiving for the many, many people of different nationalities, colours, and religions who stood together on Westminster Bridge this week to show unity in their rejection of terrorism, and give support for all those who were killed and injured.  Give thanks for all those who seek to build bridges and understanding between communities.
  • For the people of Northern Ireland as the parliament there strives to find a way forward after the deadline for forming a new power sharing executive passed.  Give thanks for all those who have worked over the years for peace in that land, remembering particularly all who, like Martin McGuinness, turned from violence, showing all of us that, with God’s help, hearts and minds can be changed
  • Giving thanks for the universal gift of music which can be shared by people of all lands, and particularly for those who work to bring its joy to our young people: music teachers; choir leaders; brass band leaders; parents who sing nursery rhymes to their babies; leaders of pre-school groups such as Jo Jingles and our own Rainbow Rhythms; the Northumberland Music Service
  • For the South East Northumberland Ecumenical Area, thinking this week of all who worship at St George’s URC and  Widdrington URC with their minister, Revd Ron Forster, and of the people of Stakeford with their minister, Revd Jim Magee

March 26th

This week, please pray

  • Pray that God’s Spirit will pour into the lives of all who search for him as Easter approaches. That many will meet with Jesus, who saves and gives new life and hope.
  • Let us give God thanks for the beauty and bounty of the oceans and rivers and for relaxation, recreation and enjoyment they offer. We pray for people worldwide whose livelihoods depend on fishing. We pray that action is taken worldwide to stop pollution of the oceans so that fish and plant life can recover and flourish.
  • Pray for the work of charities such as Northumberland Domestic Abuse Service, who offer support and refuge for adults and children who are experiencing domestic abuse. Pray for someone known to us or whom we read about in the news who is struggling right now. Pray that God may heal and keep them safe.
  • We pray for the healing of the nations, their leaders, their people, that God will put a new spirit of peace and goodwill into all hearts. That God will bring peace, understanding and a working together between the nations in these troubled times.
  • We give thanks for all the caring and thoughtful deeds, often unnoticed, by people doing all they can to help others in times of need. We pray that all who care for and support others whether paid or voluntary may be sustained by God’s love and strength.  We pray for people we know who are in hospital, recovering, or coping with long term health problems.

March 19th

This week, please pray;

  • For those suffering ill health that they may feel supported by those around them, particularly Rhona Dunn and Ken Baker in our community.
  • We pray for those attending Lent groups at this time of year, that they may foster greater insight into the working of the spirit in their lives, and obtain fellowship from those in the groups.
  • For the family of Morpeth lady Heather Foggo who died tragically last weekend while taking part in a cross-country race in the Scottish Borders. We think of her husband and children who are having to deal with the unforeseen loss that has changed their lives. We think also of other people who are dealing with bereavement, whether recent or past.
  • We give thanks for the food that we eat, often in abundance. For the farmers, gardeners, transport systems, shops and supermarkets that meet our needs. We pray that an evermore sustainable and fair distribution of food will be developed to continue meeting our needs and those of others.
  • And we also pray for those in Nigeria, Yemen, Sudan and Kenya. Their need for food and disaster relief is great, beyond our comprehension. Let us be compassionate in our wealth and give generously to appeals, and reflect that behind the disaster the causes are often climate change and poverty.

March 12th

This week please pray for

  • The people of East Africa where protracted civil conflicts, entrenched economic crises, droughts and unpredictable rainfall have led to widespread food insecurity.  In particular pray for the work that ‘All We Can’ is doing with its international humanitarian aid partners to respond to the immediate urgent needs of South Sudan.  See Methodist website for details.
  • For the Church Council meeting on Wednesday this week. 
    Pray for guidance in making decisions which will strengthen our church and help us to move forward together.
  • As the SENEA churches pray for US this week let us remember them.
    In particular pray for all those who hold positions on Area Committees and that more people will feel called to put themselves forward to serve in this way. Pray for our Area preachers and Worship leaders.  In particular pray for those who have recently put themselves forward to train as preachers and worship leaders and for those who support them in their training. 
    Pray that others may hear the call to become preachers or worship leaders in our Area.
  • For all members of our church family, particularly any who are unwell or going through difficult times at the moment.  And pray for our pastoral visitors that they may be enabled to provide compassionate support.
  • Pray for the help of the Holy Spirit that we may wisely use this season of Lent:-
    ‘Lord, thank-you for this time of Spiritual renewal:
    We so often complain that we have no time,
    No time to pray
    No time to listen
    We rush about in our busyness complaining that time is against us.
    Lord you have given us forty days of Lent:
    Help us not to waste them’

March 5th

This week, please pray 

        For the many adults and children migrating to Europe; many who are camped at the borders or at point of entry and are

        prevented from travelling on. Pray for a compassionate and

        generous response, that their basic needs this winter may be met, as they wait for decisions to be made.

Along with the SENEA group of churches this week - for the fellowship and witness of Pegswood church; and also for the Alnmouth church and their minister Rev Lynda Coulthard. May God richly bless these two communities, that Jesus may

be encountered.

For prisoners and staff in overcrowded and understaffed

 prisons. For prisoners in their cells rather than attending

rehabilitation, vocational training and education sessions.

May the love of God and light of Jesus shine to transform lives.

For all whom we know who are suffering and struggling with life and health at this time. This week please hold in prayer -Genevieve and her family; and Jean and Mike Gaunt and their family, as Mike’s mum died last week.

That this time of Lent may be a time to reflect on the things of God through the many resources and groups offered.

And perhaps to think about taking on the 40 acts challenge to do Lent generously. Go to to find out more.

That the next few weeks we might journey on in faith and action with Jesus and so make a difference.


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