Pray Without Ceasing

October 15th

This week: 

  • We give thanks for the seasons and the climate. The bright autumn days, the cosy winter day by the fire, the revitalising dawn of spring, and lazy long summer evenings. The unpredictable weather, fluctuating temperatures, and ever changing day lengths. We acknowledge that the changes renew and bring freshness, and each day is capable of glorying in God’s creation.
  • We pray for the community of Morpeth Methodist Church. Those who attend our worship services as visitors, the families that attend toddlers, rainbow rhythms, and Enjoy, those who attend the Memory Café and the music concerts. That those who help are able to show love and compassion, and make everyone feel welcome. That those who visit may reflect on being part of the church community, and benefit from meeting in our building.
  • For people and cultural movements worldwide that aim to build harmony, and justice, to bring hope and joy, and instil faith that goodness will win. All these people are helping the Kingdom of God on earth. In the face of seemingly never ending news of wars and strife on the television, internet and newspapers we need to remember that Christ’s hope is strong and put our faith in Him.
  • We pray for those in our government, and particularly for our Prime Minister Theresa May. The burden of responsibility is great as the country faces a time of change. We pray that her Christian convictions will guide her decisions, and that the government has time to consider a broad spectrum of issues and not be consumed entirely by Brexit.
  • We give thanks for the person sat next to you this morning. May the peace that passes all understanding be theirs.

October 8th

This week, please pray

  • We give God thanks for the dedication and skills of all emergency service workers in the UK, often working in dangerous situations; fire, police, ambulance, and the accident and emergency departments. We pray for all those workers as day by day they give their all; and for many who struggle to cope and are unable to work, suffering with mental health reasons.
  • For the people of Las Vegas as they struggle to come to terms with the terrible shootings there this week.
  • During Prisons Week we are invited to reflect on and pray for women and men held in prison. For inner healing; for learning opportunities to prepare them for a new start on their release; and for God’s presence and love to touch both inmates and prison staff.
  • The Methodist Church is active around the world, meeting a variety of needs- through the work of scholarship students, local people and mission partners. Day 8 of the Methodist Prayer Handbook ask that we pray with Christians of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania- for peace among different groups, for stable and effective governments and for job opportunities for young people.
  • May we pray for people we know facing change- such as making big decisions, deteriorating health, moving home, job uncertainty, relationship difficulties or money worries. May we make time to listen and understand their concerns and share God’s love.   
  • Over a cuppa this week, take time to ponder these words by
    St Teresa of Avila.
    “Christ has no body now on earth but ours, no hands but ours, no feet but ours.
    Ours are the eyes through which to look out with Christ’s compassion to the world. Ours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good.
    Ours are the hands with which he is to bless people now.”

October 1st

This week, please pray

  • For the Pearl of Africa choir as they leave us for the next leg of their tour.
  • With thanksgiving for the courage and determination of those who took part in the Invictus Games in Toronto this week, and for the reminder they give us that soldiers, from any nation, are people first of all with families and hopes and lives which can be shattered.  Pray that their stories teach us to work for peace among nations.
  • For those known to us who are dealing with illness at this time, remembering particularly Denis Carss and Bishop Daniel’s daughter, Dorah
  • For the work of the churches in the SENEA area thinking particularly of Ashington Trinity with its new minister, Revd Marie Attwood and of Blyth Central with its leader, Revd Ann Shepherdson. Give thanks for all those who act as stewards, church council members, and members of committees helping to promote the work of those churches.
  • For the Men’s Breakfast weekend helping to strengthen friendships and understanding within the men of our church.  Pray that God will bless them as they spend time together with each other and with Him.
  • With thanksgiving for the smell of autumn in the air, and gold and red colours on the trees, for the joy of finding conkers (even if we can’t think what to do with them once we’ve picked them up), for the arrival of ‘Vs’ of geese in our skies and robins looking for territories in our gardens, giving glory to God for placing our planet tilted on its axis and giving us the wonder of the seasons.

September 24th

This week, please pray

  • With rejoicing for the presence  of the Pearl of Africa choir in our area, for the chance to greet old friends amongst them and make new ones. Give thanks for the joy these young people show and bring and pray that their trip may be successful in bringing in funds sufficient to support their school and its work during the coming year.
  • For the work of the United Nations which, though far from perfect, strives to promote peace and cooperation amongst nations and peoples, and to reduce poverty and injustice in the world.
  • For the re-launch of Churches Together in Morpeth, praying that the Christians in the town, whether from Morpeth Methodist Church, St George’s, St James’s, St Aidan’s, St Mary’s, St Robert’s, Morpeth Baptist Church, the Quakers,  or the  New Life Christian Centre, may learn to work together to spread God’s word and that
    “they’ll know we are Christians by our love”
    Peter Scholtes , 1968
  • For all those who mourn, thinking particularly of the family of Andrew Parker.
  • Giving thanks for the abundance of the harvest, for the fruits and nuts in the hedgerows, the grain in the fields and the vegetables in our gardens, remembering those for whom such plenty is only a dream.  Pray for the work of aid agencies trying to alleviate the famine in East Africa.  Pray too for the work of the People’s Kitchen and the West End Refugee Service to whom our Harvest Gifts will be taken.

September 17th

  • For the people of the Mexico, Caribbean and Florida as they take stock of lives wrecked by earthquake or extreme weather. In particular we pray that the response of the UK government to those in the British Overseas Territories of Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands, will be sufficient and rapid.
  • For Morpeth Methodist Church and the Christian church in general, that we may have faith that the Spirit of Jesus will sort the church, as long as we remember to do our bit by loving our neighbour and loving God.
  • For the community of Morpeth, that they may be benefit from encounters with the church and its people as they use the building for various activities such as Rainbow rhythms, Parent’s & Toddlers, Enjoy, Memory Café, Yoga, and Men’s Breakfast Group.
  • Giving thanks for those that volunteer in some capacity to be on Church council, committees, make teas and coffees after services on Sunday, organise social events, without whom the life of the church would be greatly diminished. And also for those that take time and effort to be welcoming to new faces at church, or to familiar faces that need help or reassurance.
  • For those living with dementia in our community, who may be vulnerable in their own homes. Vulnerable to those who may call them by telephone, to people who cold call at their doors, to the ever more technical world of mobile phones, computers, and bank ATM’s. Vulnerable to social isolation, to being misunderstood. Let us remember that those with dementia have been parents, earned a living, cared for others during their lives, and are all loved by God.
  • For the Rohingya people of Myanmar being subjected to appalling persecution and violence with very little attention from the outside world.  Pray for the leaders of that country to recognize, admit,  and act effectively to put an end to what is happening.  Pray too for Bangladesh, itself a country with many challenges, now dealing with a huge refugee crisis as a result of the situation in Myanmar.

September 10th

This week, please pray

  • While severe hurricanes are sweeping through and battering several islands in the Caribbean, please pray- for people and families whose homes and businesses are destroyed, for people injured, missing or dead. Pray that the emergency and relief services and agencies will have enough resources to help people and communities in need now, for fresh water and food; medical supplies and provision of shelter.
  • Pray for all in this country, known or unknown to us, who are finding it extremely difficult to earn enough to live on, to provide food and basics for themselves or their children. Pray for jobseekers attempting to secure a job; for people with seasonal or temporary jobs; for anyone facing redundancy and job insecurity.
  • Remember in prayer each church in our SENEA (south east Northumberland ecumenical area) Alnmouth, Amble, Hauxley, North Broomhill, Widdrington Methodist, Widdrington URC, St George’s URC, Pegswood, Ashington Trinity, Newbiggin, Stakeford, Blyth Central, Cowpen, Blyth URC, Seaton Deleval, Seghill, Bedlington Trinity, Bedlington Colliery, Cramlington- Doxford Place and Welcome churches and Harwood Court care home. Pray for a renewed and renewing spirit of togetherness and harmony and a sharing God’s love and peace with all.
  • Signs of autumn abound -colourful trees, ochre harvested fields; fruits, cereals and vegetables in profusion. May we thank God for his provision in creation. Let us be thankful for farmers who work hard all year round to provide food for our tables; for planters and pickers; for jam makers and bakers.
  • Let us thank God for the improving and innovative work that health professionals in the National Health Service and Social Services carry out, to help children and adults with long term conditions to live life more comfortably in so many ways. With medicines, equipment, mobility aids, mental health support, respite care and more. Pray also for the overstretched  staff in our local emergency services, as they struggle to provide care for increased numbers of people needing care.

September 3rd

This week, please pray

  • For all those affected by the consequences of Tropical Storm Harvey thinking particularly of the people of Houston and Galveston, and the surrounding areas.  Give thanks for all the emergency services and volunteers trying to rescue people and provide emergency aid.
  • For a diplomatic solution to the problems on the Korean peninsular in the belief that even if “talking is not the answer”, it is better than any of the other options available.  Pray that wisdom can prevail over retaliation and patience over anger, trust over fear.
  • For all those within our church family dealing with illness, frailty or bereavement.  Remember particularly the Matthews family following the loss of Gordon, and the Bronsemas following the death of Jan’s mother.
    'The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit.'
    (Psalm 34:18)
  • For all those fighting an addiction, whether it be to alcohol, gambling, prescription or illegal drugs, computer gaming; that God will grant them his strength to sustain them, his peace to comfort them and his love to surround and protect them.
  • For all those for whom this September brings new beginnings: young people starting at new schools or going on to further education, starting work, taking a gap year; ministers taking up new appointments thinking particularly of Revds Antony Oakley and Marie Atwell

    “God of new beginnings, we are walking into mystery - boldly, kneeling at your throne and standing by faith. Guide us into the path of the faithful servant.
    O Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.”

August 27th

This week, please pray

  • As more and more homes are built and occupied in and around Morpeth, we pray for each person and household; that they soon feel at home, make new friends, feel welcome in the schools, the community and local churches. We pray for opportunities to meet, greet and share in some way God’s love and presence.
  • At the start of a new Methodist year there will be an opportunity for prayer and fasting on September 1st (see notice sheet). The discipline of giving up something or fasting whether it be food or pastime, prepares the mind and soul to be still, open to God listen and share concerns and joys with God. Let us pray for a spirit of harmony, hope, generosity and compassion for all here and around the world.    
  • Pray with the people of Freetown, Sierra Leone where a massive mudslide killed many, many are still missing and many are homeless. The affected area is one of the poorest in Sierra Leone and many will have lost not only homes but a means of making a living. We pray that medical services and support will be available locally and aid agencies will respond and assist all those suffering.
  • We pray for all whose job it is as law enforcers, police and the prison service, the courts and the law makers. That the laws of this country be applied with impartiality, revised where unjust and protect the innocent.
  • For all who are facing difficulty, illness, or bereavement at the moment, we pray for those known to us. For God’s presence and healing; that God might show us how we might be there for or how to help someone. Remember particularly the Matthews family and John Wilson.
  • “Grant us, Lord, the will to accomplish all that pleases you; the strength to do all that you command and the reverence to respect all that you have made; for your own names sake. Amen” (Francis of Assisi 1182-1226)

August 20th

This week, please pray

  • We pray for the victims of violence, in whatever cause or reason the violence is carried out. In particular we pray for the people of Charlottesville and Barcelona following the deaths and injuries, caused by cars used as weapons. We pray for easing of racial tensions around the world, that peace will come to reign in the hearts of everyone, whatever their skin colour or faith.
  • For those searching for some spirituality in their lives, some meaning other than a material search and individual success. That Morpeth Methodist Church can be a sanctuary for searching people, a place of fellowship that gives meaning to their lives. For the church members, that they may be inspired and strengthened to work for the Kingdom of god here and now.
  • We pray for Rhona, Alison and Caroline as they prepare to sleep out for 24 hours on August 26th/27th to raise money for Changing Lives, a charity that works to support vulnerable people who may be homeless or have addiction problems, in the region. We also pray that they may be blessed by favourable weather.
  • For the congregation of Pegswood church, as they mourn the loss of Alice Swainston. We pray for all those affected by bereavement.
  • We give thanks for the example of St. Francis. Leading us to care for the environment, to work for peace, live in humility, and witness to the love of Jesus.

August 13th

This week please pray

  • As the world moves closer to the edge of a catastrophic confrontation between America and North Korea, pray for wisdom and restraint on both sides. Pray for a diplomatic solution, calmness and an abandonment of unhelpful, inflammatory rhetoric. “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.” Hebrews 12 v 14
  • Pray for all those who have suffered abuse at the hands of those more powerful than they are, thinking particularly this week of all the young people affected by Operation Sanctuary in Newcastle.  Pray too for the police, social workers, parents and medical staff who try to protect these youngsters and help them put their lives back together.
  • For the friendly competition at the Athletics World Championship in London this week uniting peoples from across the world regardless of religion, colour, race or gender.  Give thanks to God for the wonders of the human body.
  • For all those area experiencing extreme weather conditions at the moment from monsoon flooding in Gujarat, drought in East Africa, forest fires in Portugal and the state of emergency in Northern Italy following hail, thunderstorms and flooding as their heatwave finally broke. Pray for all those working to alleviate the effects of man-made climate change remembering that we are custodians of this planet with an obligation to take care of it.
  • For the church council working party seeking to appoint a new manager for our Centre for the Community.
  • With thanksgiving for the chance to spend holiday time with friends and family even when the summer weather is less than perfect.  Be joyful for rest from labour and give praise for the beauty of creation, at home and abroad.

August 6th

Prayer ideas this week-

  • Give God thanks for the skills and care of staff in this country’s emergency services-  the hospitals, police, fire and rescue. Pray for the staff who often risk their lives to save others, who give care and reassure people in their hour of need. We pray for solutions as these services are overstretched, under-funded and understaffed and yet still give of their utmost to help people in need. 
  • As we shop for, prepare and eat our food each day, may we be thankful. May we pray for all who work as food growers, manufacturers and retailers. May God’s presence grace kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants and coffee shops wherever people gather to eat together.  
  • We give thanks for the schools and support for youngsters given by the Molly and Paul schools foundation in Uganda. Their children’s choir the Pearl of Africa will be here shortly; pray for the children’s well being and enjoyment; for leaders and hosts; for their audiences who will experience song and dance in praise of God.
  • August 6th marks the day an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1947. Let us pray that history does not repeat itself, with increasing tensions between north Korea and the United States of America. Let us be mindful of the people suffering in Syria and people starving in Yemen. We pray for world peace, mediation, reconciliation and harmony between all nations.
  • That God’s kingdom may come with “justice and joy, mercy and grace, challenge and choice, gift and goal”. (words from Singing the Faith 255)
  • For God’s presence to be known, shown or grown in the lives of all we meet, while travelling, shopping, working, visiting this week.


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