Pray Without Ceasing

March 19th

This week, please pray;

  • For those suffering ill health that they may feel supported by those around them, particularly Rhona Dunn and Ken Baker in our community.
  • We pray for those attending Lent groups at this time of year, that they may foster greater insight into the working of the spirit in their lives, and obtain fellowship from those in the groups.
  • For the family of Morpeth lady Heather Foggo who died tragically last weekend while taking part in a cross-country race in the Scottish Borders. We think of her husband and children who are having to deal with the unforeseen loss that has changed their lives. We think also of other people who are dealing with bereavement, whether recent or past.
  • We give thanks for the food that we eat, often in abundance. For the farmers, gardeners, transport systems, shops and supermarkets that meet our needs. We pray that an evermore sustainable and fair distribution of food will be developed to continue meeting our needs and those of others.
  • And we also pray for those in Nigeria, Yemen, Sudan and Kenya. Their need for food and disaster relief is great, beyond our comprehension. Let us be compassionate in our wealth and give generously to appeals, and reflect that behind the disaster the causes are often climate change and poverty.

March 12th

This week please pray for

  • The people of East Africa where protracted civil conflicts, entrenched economic crises, droughts and unpredictable rainfall have led to widespread food insecurity.  In particular pray for the work that ‘All We Can’ is doing with its international humanitarian aid partners to respond to the immediate urgent needs of South Sudan.  See Methodist website for details.
  • For the Church Council meeting on Wednesday this week. 
    Pray for guidance in making decisions which will strengthen our church and help us to move forward together.
  • As the SENEA churches pray for US this week let us remember them.
    In particular pray for all those who hold positions on Area Committees and that more people will feel called to put themselves forward to serve in this way. Pray for our Area preachers and Worship leaders.  In particular pray for those who have recently put themselves forward to train as preachers and worship leaders and for those who support them in their training. 
    Pray that others may hear the call to become preachers or worship leaders in our Area.
  • For all members of our church family, particularly any who are unwell or going through difficult times at the moment.  And pray for our pastoral visitors that they may be enabled to provide compassionate support.
  • Pray for the help of the Holy Spirit that we may wisely use this season of Lent:-
    ‘Lord, thank-you for this time of Spiritual renewal:
    We so often complain that we have no time,
    No time to pray
    No time to listen
    We rush about in our busyness complaining that time is against us.
    Lord you have given us forty days of Lent:
    Help us not to waste them’

March 5th

This week, please pray 

        For the many adults and children migrating to Europe; many who are camped at the borders or at point of entry and are

        prevented from travelling on. Pray for a compassionate and

        generous response, that their basic needs this winter may be met, as they wait for decisions to be made.

Along with the SENEA group of churches this week - for the fellowship and witness of Pegswood church; and also for the Alnmouth church and their minister Rev Lynda Coulthard. May God richly bless these two communities, that Jesus may

be encountered.

For prisoners and staff in overcrowded and understaffed

 prisons. For prisoners in their cells rather than attending

rehabilitation, vocational training and education sessions.

May the love of God and light of Jesus shine to transform lives.

For all whom we know who are suffering and struggling with life and health at this time. This week please hold in prayer -Genevieve and her family; and Jean and Mike Gaunt and their family, as Mike’s mum died last week.

That this time of Lent may be a time to reflect on the things of God through the many resources and groups offered.

And perhaps to think about taking on the 40 acts challenge to do Lent generously. Go to to find out more.

That the next few weeks we might journey on in faith and action with Jesus and so make a difference.

February 26th

  • For the people of East Africa and Yemen facing extreme food shortages and in need of urgent support, following years of drought and unpredictable rainfall and civil conflicts.  Think particularly of South Sudan where famine has been declared.  Give thanks for all those who are working to provide humanitarian assistance. (East Africa Famine Appeal
  • For all those suffering the results of violent and extreme weather across the globe: bush fires in Australia and New Zealand; cyclones in the Pacific regions and hurricanes in the Atlantic causing flooding and damage on opposite sides of the globe; Storm Doris here at home - thinking particularly of those sleeping rough in these extreme conditions.
  • For all those within our church family who are unwell, or recovering from illness - Christine Nuttall, Ron & Win Morris in particular and for those coping with illness in a family member, thinking especially of Mike & Jean Gaunt as they care for Mike’s mother.
  • As we share lunch together today, give thanks for the work of Church Action on Poverty and pray that the people of this bountiful earth may learn to share its  wealth more justly.
  • With thanksgiving for the time which families have spent together over the half term holiday, whether at home or away and for the fresh eyes with which children look at the world reminding us that “nature is never spent;  There lives the dearest freshness deep down things” ( Gerard Manley Hopkins “God’s Grandeur”) and helping to restore our own sense of wonder

February 19th

  • For the people of Syria, less visible on our TV screens as the fighting in Aleppo has subsided, but still suffering as their homes and economy have been destroyed and peace appears fragile.
  • We pray for the Church of England as it wrestles with differing views on same-sex marriage, and for all those who seek to interpret the words of Jesus in our time.
  • For the environment of Morpeth, kingfishers by the river, people enjoying a walk in Carlisle Park, and the occasional sight of a red squirrel in Athey’s Dene. That they may appreciate the wonder of creation and find peace in tranquil surroundings.
  • For the work of churches in SENEA, particularly for Doxford Place, Cramlington and the Rev. Adele Moorhouse.
  • To give thanks for those members of Morpeth Methodist Church that feel called to serve the church in various ways.  Pray that volunteers may be found for positions currently empty and to help with LA services.
  • As Lent approaches, give thanks for the Ecumenical nature of the study groups being arranged and pray that they may help the participants to a deeper understanding of the Gospel and promote a true feeling of brotherhood amongst the different churches in the town.

February 12th 2017

This week please pray:

  • With thanksgiving for the work of the Mighty Oaks group, providing free coffee on Saturday nights, remembering too their need for volunteers and a new van details on sheets in the coffee lounge & on
  • For people who feel they are not wanted anywhere thinking particularly this week of Somalian refugees in the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya giving thanks that the Kenyan High Court has ruled against the forced repatriation of its 260,000 inhabitants to what is still a war zone.  Pray too for peace in Somalia.
  • For all those working within the NHS: doctors, nurses, health assistants, chaplains, cleaners, radiographers, therapists, teachers, maintenance staff, ambulance drivers, administrators - all working to provide health care and support to people who need it regardless of race, religion, gender or wealth.  Give thanks for their dedication and skill and pray for solutions to the funding, staffing ad morale crises hitting large sectors of our health service
  • For members of our church family whose health is a concern thinking particularly of Christine Nuttall, Ron & Win Morris, Seana Sommerville
  • For leaders of countries and governments praying that the wisdom and love of God may guide them in all they do as they tackle almost insurmountable problems to the best of their abilities.  Pray particularly for Theresa May, Donald Trump, Bashar al-Assad, Angela Merkel, Xi Jinping & Vladimir Putin
  • On this Racial Injustice Sunday,
    We pray for reconciliation through the work of God’s  Spirit. Wherever there is division and divisiveness between us and others, because of our culture or ethnicity we pray that we may all be led to reconciliation, understanding and  acceptance.

February 5th 2017

This week please pray

  • Giving thanks for the world we live in, for God created abundant plant and animal life on earth to flourish and coexist with humans. Seeing the fascinating lives of animals and birds in the wild or filmed on TV, helps us to sense God’s presence and amazing provision for this planet. We pray for wild animals being sold as pets, for endangered animals and for their habitats under threat.
  • For people struggling with depression, debilitating anxieties and fears which affect their wellbeing, daily lives, their ability to work and cope with life. We give thanks for NHS services, support charities and those families and friends giving support as best they can.
  • Each week we are asked to pray and give thanks for other SENEA churches (south east Northumberland ecumenical area), of which this church is part. Let us pray for those communities and for the people, activities, worship and outreach of those churches.  This week we pray for St Andrew’s and St Mark’s church at Newbiggin and their minister Jim Magee; - and for the Elsdon Avenue  church in Seaton Delaval and their minister Greg Thompson.
  • We pray that the current angry protests against politicians and policies may remain peaceful. That God through his spirit may engender respect, calm and dialogue between people who want to be heard, who feel voiceless and who are discriminated against. We give God thanks for people who speak for peace and speak wisdom in troubled situations around the world.
  • Let us celebrate and give God thanks for the many blessings we often take for granted. That we be mindful of and grateful for his presence in all our lives day by day.

January 29th 2017

This week, please pray

  • For forgiveness for times when we have done things which are wrong with the best of intentions, acknowledging that the end cannot justify the means if the means itself is evil, and remembering that a fair and just and humane society can only be built using methods which are themselves fair and just and humane
  • With thanksgiving for the time spent by our church family in reflection last Sunday and for God’s help and guidance as we try to move forward into the kind of community we wish to be: caring for each other, supporting those who need help, reaching out to those who don’t know God and committing ourselves to ‘make Christ visible in the world’.
  • For refugees sleeping rough in winter weather, remembering particularly those on the streets in Serbia (where temperatures have been as low as -12°C, even during the day) who are too afraid to accept offers of places in asylum centres and thinking especially of the children amongst them.
  • For the work of the West End Refugee Service, giving thanks for the volunteers who support it and praying that they will find a solution to their funding crisis (details on noticeboard in Coffee Lounge)
  • For all those who work in our prisons in difficult, often dangerous, situations - prison officers, medical/counselling staff, chaplaincy staff, teachers - all who try to help offenders rehabilitate, giving thanks for their courage and commitment and remembering particularly staff in HMP Northumberland.  Pray that together we may build a society where all people feel valued and included - and where we will find it unnecessary to imprison so many of our populace.

January 22nd 2017

This week, please pray

  • For a peaceful solution to the crisis in The Gambia as Senegalese troops enter the country to enforce the transfer of power to President Barrow and the removal of Yahya Jammeh
  • Remembering that, whilst democracy may not be perfect, it is better than all the other solutions, give thanks for the peaceful transfer of power in the United States and pray for wisdom and guidance for the new administration there
  • For those known to us who are ill or unhappy and who are finding life a struggle at the moment
  • With thanksgiving, for those working in very cold, difficult conditions to try to rescue survivors and recover the bodies of those who have perished in the combination of earthquake, avalanche and landslide in Abruzzo this week.  Pray too for the victims and their families.
  • For this church as it thinks about its way forward, striving to ‘Make Christ Visible in the World’ and to serve this community
  • On Homeless Sunday as we remember all those who, like the Son of Man, have no place to lay their heads (Mat 8:20), be they refugees, those in financial crisis, those who struggle with mental illness, those fleeing from abuse at home -  with many churches across the country, we pray:
    Loving God, in your house there is room for everyone. Help us as we strive for a world where everyone has a home that truly meets their needs. Give us the grace to welcome strangers and refugees. 
    Give us the insight to see where inequality hurts. Fill us with courage to do our part.
    Save us from being overwhelmed by the scale of the housing crisis, and show us, O Lord, where to begin.  Amen

January 15th 2017

This week, please pray

  • For all those across the country who have been adversely affected by the weather, those whose homes have been damaged or who have had power cut off.  Think particularly of elderly and disabled people, many of whom are confined to their homes when snow is on the ground.
  • With thanksgiving for the joy which, in spite of its accompanying problems, the snow brings to children (and adults too) with snowmen and sledging and snowball fights
  • For the work of churches within SENEA, thinking this week particularly of Bedlington Trinity and Blyth United Reformed Church led by Revd Greg Thompson, and of Blyth Central and Cowpen and their minister, Revd Ann Shepherdson
  • For those within our church family who are unwell or recovering from illness.
  • For the peoples of the United States as a new President is inaugurated on Saturday 20th January.  Pray for wisdom, compassion and tolerance for Donald Trump, his Vice-President, Mike Pence, and for all of the new team coming into office with them.
  • As we begin the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity we give thanks, in this year of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, for the justification of humanity through grace alone and repent of the deep divisions afflicting the universal church in its ministry of reconciliation:
    Grant, O God that, as there is but one Spirit, one Lord, one faith and one hope of our calling; so your church, being one body, may draw all nations to the one baptism as children of the one God and Father of us all, who is above all and through all and in all, now and evermore.  Amen      (Methodist Recorder, P10, based on Ephesian 4: 4-6)

January 8th 2017

As we begin a New Year, please pray:

  • Giving thanks for God’s promise of a new beginning for each of us fulfilled in the gift of salvation through Jesus.
  • For wisdom for all those in positions of power in the governance of our country: members of the Westminster Parliament and of the  Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies.  Pray that decisions affecting the future of each country within the United Kingdom will be made with humility, prayer and concern for the long term, common good and not merely for short term gain and prestige for those who make those decisions
  • For ministers within SENEA that they may have the health and strength, both physical and spiritual, which they need to guide and lead the churches within the area into the future in both traditional, ‘inherited’ ways and in ‘new ways of being church’, so that more people may come to know the love and forgiveness of God
  • For all those working with young people: teachers; leaders of Scout, Guide and Brigade organizations; Junior Church leaders; sports group trainers; volunteers running Duke of Edinburgh schemes; foster parents and those caring for ‘looked after’ children; people running after school clubs - all those working to help our young people grow into the responsible, independent, caring adults of tomorrow
  • For all those for whom the beginning of a New Year may not bring any relief from fear or pain or sadness: those in mourning; those who are sick in mind or body; refugees from war, poverty or persecution; those with no home to call their own; those living on the breadline trying to choose between heating their homes or feeding their children.  Pray that as individuals and as a society we may not stop working to relieve such suffering.


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