Pray Without Ceasing

September 13th

This week please remember:

  • To give thanks for the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, now Britain’s longest reigning monarch, and for her dedication over the past 63 years..
  • To pray for the work of those meeting this week at the World Forestry Congress in Durban, seeking to find ways to preserve and manage the world’s forests to protect biodiversity and help minimize climate change. Give thanks that the rate of forest loss appears to be slowing even though an area the size of South Africa has disappeared since 1990.
  • Give thanks for the dialogue between different branches of the Christian Church which gave rise to the “Living the Joy of the Gospel” event last weekend in Durham Cathedral.
  • To pray for all those within our church family who are ill or in distress at this time.
  • To give thanks for all those working for and with POACC to make this year’s visit of the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir a success, not forgetting the families who have opened their homes to host members of the visiting group.
  • As we approach the last night of this year’s Proms, to give thanks for the gift of music which enriches our lives immeasurably and which, though varying enormously in style, is a uniting feature of human society everywhere.
  • To pray for all those risking everything to find safety and new hope in a strange land and who find themselves  unwelcome, uncared for and mistrusted in countries where the have sought refuge, giving thanks that more countries, including our own, are opening their doors to them and asking forgiveness that it has taken the sight of a child dead on a beach to teach us that refugees are people too.

    Grant to us, O Lord, fullness of faith, firmness of hope and fervency of love.  For the sake of the gospel may we sit loosely to our wealth and daily embrace you in the poor of the world.  As we rejoice in your generosity so may we give ourselves in the service of others; through Christ our Lord.  Amen.
    (Thomas More, taken from Day 13 of this year’s Methodist Prayer Handbook)

September 6th

This week please remember:

  • the thousands of refugee children we see coming to Europe (or perishing in the attempt) and the 13 million they have left behind who have no education because their schools have been deliberately destroyed or their teachers attacked and killed in the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Libya, Sudan or Yemen (see]
  • that our government which talks about human rights, democracy and “finding solutions” to these crises supports the fuelling of conflicts by promoting arms sales to some of the most abusive, repressive and violent regimes in the world e.g., Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Israel and Egypt [see]; pray that the hypocrisy of our foreign policy may be replaced by integrity and justice
  • with thanksgiving the ecumenical Celebration this afternoon in Durham Cathedral “Living the Joy of the Gospel”, answering Pope Francis’ call to us all to become missionary disciples
  • the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir travelling from Uganda this week, praying for their safe arrival and giving thanks for the joy of reunions with those who’ve been here before and welcoming those who haven’t
  • to ask God’s blessing on children, their families and all leading worship and learning at Messy Church on Saturday 12th at Storey Park Community Centre
  • friends who are ill at home or have been in hospital especially John Wilson, Keith Marshall,  Martin Rowland (Pegswood organist) and all who care for them
  • to give thanks for our new Chairman of District Stephen Lindridge and the newly appointed Bishop of Newcastle the Venerable Christine Hardman, praying that with Revd Liz Mullen Moderator of URC Northern Synod, RC Bishop of Newcastle and Hexham Seamus Cunningham and other Christian leaders they may inspire us all to be faithful witnesses to our Lord in this region, famed as the Land of the Saints.

August 30th

This week please remember:

  • to give thanks for the work and witness in their communities of our sister churches at Seaton Delaval and Seghill, their minister Revd Greg Thompson, preachers and worship leaders; and for our Area Superintendent Revd Ian Farnsworth
  • with praise and gratitude the ministry among us for five years, especially at Bedlington and Stakeford, of Revd Heegon Moon; and praying that he and his family may be blessed in their new church families and colleagues (including Revd Katy Thomas) in Bramhall and Wythenshawe Circuit, Greater Manchester
  • to ask God’s blessing on the leaders’ preparations (on Tuesday evening) for Morpeth Ecumenical Messy Church and on all the children and parents who are this growing church at Storey Park; they will gather again for godly play and worship on Saturday 12th September
  • to give thanks and pray for our hospital chaplains Dave Rogers at Wansbeck General and Revd Martyn Skinner at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Centre, Cramlington and their colleagues in this greatly valued ministry
  • as we set out into a new Methodist Connexional Year, to listen, really listen, to one another especially to our children setting out with us on the journey of life:
    Dear Jesus, help me to follow you until I reach my destination.
    There will be many bumps on this journey but I am strapped in and ready to go.
    Protect me from accidents and breakdowns; help me appreciate the sights on the way,
    the friends who travel with me and those I meet on the way.
    I know I will be happy when you greet me with your smile when I finally get there. Amen.

Saffron Holland

(aged 11 moving to Newcastle from West Africa)

in Methodist Prayer Handbook 2015-2016

August 23rd

Please remember this week:

  • to praise God for the appointment of Jackie Laidlaw as our Children & Families Development Worker, asking for God’s rich blessing upon her and the continuing development of every aspect of our ministry to families associated with us in any way
  • to give thanks for the protection Morpeth’s flood defences now provide and to support in prayer and action all who research and develop clean energy generation to reduce the threat of climate change and world-wide “natural” disasters
  • as we see the desperation of refugees from brutal war and persecution in the Middle East to pray that they may be made welcome in our country, praying with them for safety for those they have left behind and peace in their lands [please read Calais - alarm and anger, front page METHODIST RECORDER 21/08/2015]
  • To pray for those who have lost loved ones recently: we think particularly of David Pallett whose sister died last week.
  • A Prayer for the Situation in Calais

God of all humanity

when your people were enslaved and displaced, you led them to a land that they could call home;

when your people were in exile; your promise was that, one day, they would live in streets of play and laughter.

When your disciples were afraid and uncertain, you spoke of a Father’s House with mansions and places prepared. We pray today for all those who have no place to call home, hearing the heart-cry of your word  for those who are without refuge.

Where shelter is ours to offer grant us the will and resolve to reflect the generosity of our Creator.

Where others stand in the way of those who need safe haven may our cry for justice never falter.

May the idols of self-interest and economic gain never deflect us from the ways of your Kingdom.

Through Christ our Lord. AMEN.

(Joint Public Issues Team of Methodist, United Reformed, Baptist, and Church of Scotland churches)


August 16th

Please remember this week:

  • Lewis and Becky Ridley married yesterday, giving thanks for their new life together and the love and joy of all their family and friends
  • the steady progress of the Wesley Guild Nigeria Health Care Project and especially the work of Dr and Mrs Hans van den Corput at Royal Cross Hospital and Uzuakoli Babies’ Home [see World Church Bulletin August 2015 p. 3 - in foyer]
  • our young people leaving school, giving thanks for their entry into Higher Education at university or college, and Apprenticeships or other vocations in the world of work. Pray too for university and work-place chaplains, Christian student societies and churches making them welcome and confident of their place in their new exciting environments [“Referring your youth to the chaplains….is a kind and welcoming thing to do” - Rev Andrew Brazier, Methodist chaplain, University of Birmingham in METHODIST RECORDER 14/08/2015]
  • to praise God for times of refreshment on holidays, or at family celebrations and reunions, thanking Him that every time of worship is a celebration of our loving Father’s family on earth and in heaven
  • with thanksgiving the Taize Community which for 75 years has been welcoming thousands of young people to a life-pilgrimage of joy and fellowship, worship and service, and for the music and chants that have since enriched worship for generations of Christian people everywhere

people across the world suffering from repeated floods and other natural disasters, aid agencies striving to rescue, sustain and restore their communities after death and destruction; e.g. Christian Aid’s present emergency programme in Pakistan and on-going work in Nepal. Pray that the world may wake up to the urgency of reversing the devastation we have wrought through exploitation and pollution and of really caring for our common home, Mother Earth

August 9th 2015

This week please remember:

  • all those who work with vulnerable, disadvantaged and alienated young people, either as volunteers or as professionals giving thanks for their compassion, skill and dedication and asking that they be given the strength and wisdom to be able to help those who rely on them.  Particularly remember the staff left without work and the young people in need of support following the collapse of the ‘Kid’s Company’ charity.
  • All those driven from their homes by war, persecution, natural disaster, hunger and economic circumstances.  We pray for wisdom for those trying to find a solution to the problems created by the arrival of so many desperate people in many different countries and also for those working to resolve the situations which drove them to leave their homes.  May they be guided by compassion rather than fear and political expediency.
  • To praise God for all who give their time and effort as volunteers within our church: arranging flowers, making lunches, gardening, decorating, stewarding, providing music, opening up at weekends, setting up for Communion, serving on committees and church council, sound and vision technicians, coffee makers, junior church and crèche leaders - without all of whom much of the richness of the church life would be lost.  Give thanks too for those whose circumstances or frailty mean they are unable to do these things but whose prayers provide a sure foundation for all the church’s work.
  • All those who mourn, especially the family of Lionel Ross who died this week.  Give thanks for the work of organisations such as Cruse which provide bereavement counselling to any who are struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one

August 2nd 2015

This week please remember:

  • churches in rural areas who work tirelessly to strengthen their communities, encourage good neighbourliness, care for the vulnerable, support local businesses and enrich cultural life; pray that their year may be crowned by a rich harvest and many happy local shows and festivals
  • those among our friends suffering illness or undergoing surgery, that they may be healed and blessed, among them Genevieve and Rosalind, giving thanks for the skills and care of medical teams in hospital and community
  • our partners at Kamuzinda Christian Victory Church, Uganda, reaching out to their community and seeking to provide buildings and equipment for Christian education for all ages
  • Christians in great danger of their lives, persecuted and driven from their homes, in many countries in North Africa and the Middle East and seeking refuge in Europe; praying for their persecutors possessed by bigotry and lust for power and for host nations (like ours) to offer a safe haven and hope for the future
  • the on-going dialogue and debate between Government and Churches’ and their agencies over the changes in welfare provision that threaten the solvency of the poorest families, praying that none may suffer unjustly or denied compassion and help
  • to give thanks for the generosity of God’s provision for all His creatures, and to pray that there may be no let up in the national and international aim to phase out the use of fossil fuels and to harness clean, alternative sources of energy
  • with thanksgiving all who befriend sufferers from Alzheimer’s and their families, who work in the Wansbeck Food Bank, who serve as prison or hospital visitors, as members of the chaplaincy team for our Care and Nursing Homes, or in Red Cross detachments and other voluntary services

July 26th 2015

This week please remember:

  • at the beginning of school holidays, to give thanks for all the good work by teachers and pupils alike through the year; pray that the vacation may be refreshing and formative for all the young people and for wisdom and guidance for those for are moving on
  • friends who are ill and in need of healing and support at home - Rosalind Phillipson, Gwen Charlton, Keith Marshall, Chris McPhillips
  • to give thanks for the joy of the gospel preached at special services last weekend at Blyth Central by the President of Conference, and at St Nicholas’ Cathedral, Newcastle at the Thanksgiving and Farewell Service for our retiring Chairman, Revd Leo Osborn and Mrs Charlotte Osborn
  • to praise God for the life and work of our sister churches at Blyth (Central and URC) and Cramlington (Doxford Place, Welcome and Harwood Court), for their leaders and ministers, Revds Ann Shepherdson and Adele Moorhouse, and for the eight supernumerary ministers still active in our Area, leading worship and preaching the Word of life
  • our Holiday Club this week and Drop-In Lunches, Friendship Club and Toddlers and Parents continuing to meet through the summer, giving thanks too for our church’s open door and those who welcome all who come in
  • on the 70th anniversaries of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, to pray that this may never happen again; giving thanks for campaigners for nuclear disarmament, the abolition of all nuclear and biological weapons and who work for world-wide peace and prosperity
  • to praise God for our fellowship in worship and witness with St George’s URC and for what all Morpeth churches can do together to show Christ’s love in our community.

July 12th 2015

This week please remember:

  • to give thanks for Morpeth’s “unsung heroes”, honoured at the Lord Lieutenant’s Garden Party, and for all who quietly, effectively enrich our community through charities and other voluntary service
  • that the provisions of the last week’s budget will cause real hardship to thousands of people; pray that in the Budget Debate our MPs see clearly how cuts to tax credits and other benefits will hurt all the poorest families, increase the pressure upon food banks and multiply homelessness (visit and http://www,
  • to give thanks for the opportunities for refreshment taken by our ministers - Revd Gary in his sabbatical study leave, and Revds Lynda and Nina “exchanging pulpits” in Canada and Amble and for the new insights and blessings they will bring to us all
  • friends in need of healing and comfort in illness or bereavement: Mary Coates, Una Jenkinson, Keith Marshall and the family of Peter Gardner who died last Monday
  • the families and friends in shocked grief over of the hundreds of people killed recently in terrorist atrocities in Tunisia, Kuwait, Nigeria, and the thousands fleeing from areas of brutal conflict or oppression in Syria, Yemen, Burma and many countries in Africa
  • to praise God for the leadership and pastoral care of our District for 13 years of Revd Leo Osborn and to ask God’s blessing on Leo and Charlotte as they enter a new phase in their lives of ministry and service
  • to praise God for the anticipated visit of The Pearl of Africa Choir, their arrangements and safe travel, for host families, schools and churches preparing to welcome them and for heroic fund-raisers
  • as next weekend we welcome the new President of Conference, Revd Steve Wild, we can all share his joy in bringing the Good News to all we meet.

July 5th 2015

This week please remember:

  • with sorrow past deficiencies in our Church’s safeguarding of children and vulnerable people, with thanksgiving for much greater awareness in this field and determination to prevent all kinds of abuses; praying for the Creating Safer Space Foundation Course [Doxford Place Church, Cramlington, Monday 13th July, 10 am - 12 noon] open to all, that we may learn how to watch over one another in love
  • the families of those murdered in Tunisia, Kuwait and France last week at the hands of worshippers of the devil - “children of the devil,” Jesus called them ,“who was a murderer from the beginning and the father of lies”, reminding us that we must engage in spiritual warfare against all that is evil - in ourselves or in others - not being afraid to cry “How long, O Lord?”: The Lord hears our prayer….
  • with thanksgiving the generous hospitality to refugees from persecution, oppression or poverty shown by other nations much less well off than we are - Italy, Greece, Spain - praying that we too may see Jesus in them, “a stranger and you took me in” (Matthew 25.35ff)
  • the thousands out of work through ill-health or disability and their families suffering anxiety and hardship because of the benefits sanctions system, praying that our Government may quickly set up an independent review of this patently unjust system [see]
  • dear friends who have recently lost loved ones, including Lorna Leithead whose Dad died after a long battle with cancer: remembering too those in hospital or recuperating from surgery or investigations - Genevieve, Fred Whewell, Enid Proud’s son Keith
  • with joy our unity in the Body of Christ with all who follow Him of whatever Christian denomination, and the particular gift of connectedness Methodism at its best brings to the universal Church.






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