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We are pleased to report that Jacqueline Laidlaw has been appointed to the position of Children & Families Development Worker. Jackie lives in Morpeth and took up her post on 1 September 2015. We are pleased to welcome her as a member of the Team and look forward to working with her as we develop this aspect of our work and witness.

About Jackie

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My name is Jackie Laidlaw and I’m a Primary School Teacher. I trained at Durham and have worked at schools in South Shields (my home town) and Morpeth. Following my marriage, I moved to Morpeth and feel very settled here, having lived for fifteen years in the town.

From 2009 I have taken a career break from teaching and have been at home with my three sons. However, now the youngest two (twins, so double the fun!!) are about to settle into a new school year, I will be able to apply energy and enthusiasm to my new role within your church!!

The role has been devised to help support the valuable contribution young families have to make to the life of the Church, looking to our present situation and the future of the church/community of Morpeth. I know from speaking to various members of the church at interview, that the congregation is keen to encourage growth from new families and to help promote the work of Junior Church, Youth Group and the uniformed organisations. It is a big challenge!! - But one that I’m looking forward to.

I have experience of assisting and leading Sunday school / Junior Church for several years; initially in my home village and in later years as part of the Anglican Parish of Morpeth and have also been involved in several community projects across Morpeth. I am excited about my new appointment and familiarising myself with the church, I’m sure that I will recognise a few faces!! It will be a great opportunity to develop children’s activities and ministry within the church/community and I’m hoping that my experience from teaching, voluntary work and Junior Church will prove helpful. Once we get a few ideas up and running I will be looking for volunteers!! Working with the “many hands make light work” approach!!

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